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24-07-21 (19:17)   Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodlines - Review (Sirus Gaming)
22-07-21 (16:03)   Legion War is the perfect summer wargame (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
19-07-21 (17:34)   France honours Rev. Jesse Jackson with the Legion d'Honneur (OANN)
18-07-21 (23:14)   Watch Dogs Legion's First DLC Expansion Is So Much Better Than The Main Game (Kotaku)
16-07-21 (15:48)   Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline Review - The Glorious Return Of Aiden Pearce And Wrench (GameInformer.com)
13-07-21 (19:47)   Damien Chazelle 1920s Hollywood Drama 'Babylon' Adds Jean Smart to the Already Stacked Cast (SlashFilm)
13-07-21 (18:17)   Kenan Thompson, Jean Smart, Aidy Bryant Lead List Of Emmy Nominees With Double Acting Noms (Deadline.com)
13-07-21 (10:32)   Just For Laughs Festival: Jean Smart To Receive Award; Amber Ruffin To Host Virtual Event Update (Deadline.com)
12-07-21 (23:14)   Jean Smart Joins Damien Chazelle's 'Babylon' With Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie (TheWrap.com)
12-07-21 (11:16)   Lenovo Legion 5 Pro review: Gaming perfection? (Pocket-lint)
11-07-21 (16:25)   Watch Dogs: Legion's Creepy P.T. Hallway Easter Egg Explained (Screen Rant)
10-07-21 (21:22)   Did Dan Stevens Really Sing In Beauty And The Beast? (Looper)
10-07-21 (15:01)   Watch Dogs: Legion - Bloodline Review - Iconic Hat and Iconic Mask (GamingBolt)
09-07-21 (16:03)   Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline is better for having proper characters again (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
09-07-21 (01:41)   Film Noir Festival at Hollywood Legion Theater Looks to Make July a Little More Shadowy (Variety)
09-07-21 (00:29)   Emmy Nomination Predictions, Comedy: New Kids (and Jean Smart!) Will Rule (TheWrap.com)
08-07-21 (21:31)   A leaker finds signs of a Ryzen 7 5800H-powered Lenovo Legion 5 with Radeon RX 6600M graphics (NotebookCheck.net)
07-07-21 (15:18)   Aiden Pearce is my best dress-up doll in the Watch Dogs Legion DLC (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
07-07-21 (01:44)   Watch Dogs: Legion - Bloodline Trailer Outlines Aiden, Wrench, and New Enemies (GamingBolt)
07-07-21 (00:38)   Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline DLC Available Now, Title Update 5.0 Adds Operative Mask Options (PlayStation LifeStyle)
07-07-21 (00:03)   The boring iconic hat man is now in Watch Dogs: Legion (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
06-07-21 (19:46)   Watch Dogs: Legion - Bloodline Finally Available on All Platforms (Sirus Gaming)
06-07-21 (16:48)   Aiden Pearce Returns Today In Watch Dogs: Legion's Bloodline Expansion (GameInformer.com)
05-07-21 (16:23)   Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline DLC - Release Date, Price, and More (DualShockers)
30-06-21 (22:10)   Watch Dogs: Legion - Official Behind the Scenes of Bloodline Expansion TRailer (GameSpot)
29-06-21 (19:41)   Lenovo Legion 5 Pro review: You can't argue with cheap (Engadget)
29-06-21 (08:30)   Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread Interview - World, Story, Progression, and More (GamingBolt)
28-06-21 (17:10)   Hollywood Legion Theater Sets 35MM 'Summer of Celluloid' Screening Series (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
24-06-21 (15:12)   Lenovo Legion 5 Pro review: The antidote for thin, expensive gaming laptops (Digital Trends)
20-06-21 (03:34)   Jean-Michael Jarre to Earn Title of 'Commandeur' With Third Legion d'Honneur Medal (AceShowbiz.com)
17-06-21 (05:24)   Watchmen: Jean Smart has Sigourney Weaver to thank for her last-second casting as Silk Spectre (Syfy Wire)
16-06-21 (19:10)   Jean Smart Reveals What Made Her Most Nervous About Playing Deborah Vance on 'Hacks' (Variety)
16-06-21 (18:10)   Bowen Yang Tells the Real Story of Playing a Frosty Iceberg That Sank the Titanic on 'SNL' (Variety)
16-06-21 (17:24)   Jean Smart and Bowen Yang Discuss the Genius of 'Hacks' and the Adrenaline Rush of Working at 'SNL' (Variety)
15-06-21 (23:10)   Why 'Hacks' Wouldn't Work Without Ava as Deborah Vance's Prickly Foil (Variety)
15-06-21 (20:02)   The Lenovo Legion 7 16ACH offers automatic CPU and GPU overclocking (NotebookCheck.net)
15-06-21 (16:31)   Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead Title Update 1.1 Fixes Electrofist Issue and More (Sirus Gaming)
14-06-21 (21:45)   Lenovo releases the Ryzen 7 5800H- and RTX 3000-powered Legion 5 to the US market (NotebookCheck.net)
14-06-21 (16:35)   The Legion 5 Pro is Lenovo's best gaming laptop yet (TheVerge)
12-06-21 (23:13)   'Watch Dogs: Legion' reveals Aiden Pierce's new look in Bloodlines DLC (NME.COM)
12-06-21 (22:46)   Watch Dogs: Legion - Bloodline now has an official launch date (Sirus Gaming)
12-06-21 (21:49)   Watch Dogs: Legion's Bloodline expansion out July (Eurogamer.net)
12-06-21 (21:49)   Watch Dogs: Legion's Bloodline DLC will bring Aiden Pearce to London on July 6th (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
12-06-21 (21:41)   Watch Dogs: Legion's first premium expansion, Bloodline, launches in July (Polygon)
12-06-21 (21:15)   Watch Dogs: Legion - Bloodline Out on July 6th, Story Trailer Sees Aiden Fighting Wrehcn (GamingBolt)
12-06-21 (18:41)   How 'Hacks' Production Designer Created Deborah Vance's Epic Mansion (Variety)
12-06-21 (16:03)   Performer of the Week: Jean Smart (TVLine)
11-06-21 (23:49)   Hacks' Hannah Einbinder Breaks Down That Explosive Finale Face-Off With Jean Smart: 'I Couldn't Help but Cry' (TVLine)
11-06-21 (22:01)   CrossFire: Legion Coming in 2022, Developed by Homeworld 3 Studio (GamingBolt)
10-06-21 (11:58)   Wrench will return in 'Watch Dogs: Legion' Bloodline DLC which gets a trailer at E3 (NME.COM)
09-06-21 (19:44)   Watch Dogs: Legion - Bloodline Story Trailer Confirmed for Ubisoft Forward (GamingBolt)
09-06-21 (17:16)   Hacks' Hannah Einbinder Detailing Her Friendship With Jean Smart Will Make You So Envious (E! Online)
08-06-21 (22:02)   Jean Smart's Reaction to Hacks Getting a Second Season Is Comedy Gold (E! Online)
08-06-21 (08:31)   Lenovo Legion 5 with Ryzen 5 5600H and Radeon RX 6600M priced 1,299, but a Ryzen 7 5800H and RTX 3060 combo at 1,249 offers better bang for the buck (NotebookCheck.net)
03-06-21 (21:32)   Jean Smart Is A Stand-Up Star In 'Hacks': "I'm Prejudiced Against People Who Don't Have A Sense Of Humor" (Deadline.com)
02-06-21 (15:24)   As Promised, Watch Dogs Legion's 60 FPS Peformance Mode Has Arrived, Patch Notes: (PlayStation LifeStyle)
01-06-21 (23:55)   TV Ratings: 'Mare of Easttown' Finale Is Most-Watched Episode of Any HBO Original Series on HBO Max (Variety)
01-06-21 (23:00)   Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead Now Available on PC (Sirus Gaming)
01-06-21 (22:24)   Surprise, Watch Dogs Legion now has ... a zombies mode? (Polygon)
01-06-21 (21:10)   Emmys 2021: Lead Actress Contenders (Variety)
01-06-21 (20:07)   Watch Dogs Legion of the Dead DLC Announced, Adds 4-Player Co-op Zombie Mode Set in London (PlayStation LifeStyle)
01-06-21 (18:43)   Watch Dogs: Legion's new zombie update available now (Digital Trends)
01-06-21 (17:43)   Watch Dogs: Legion Gets A Surprise Free Zombie Mode Of Sorts (Kotaku)
01-06-21 (16:52)   Watch Dogs: Legion Update Today (June 1) - Patch Notes & Legion Of The Dead DLC (DualShockers)
01-06-21 (16:49)   Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is a standalone zombies mode released in alpha for PC today (Eurogamer.net)
01-06-21 (16:24)   Watch Dogs: Legion 4.5 Update Includes Legion Of The Dead Zombies Mode (GameSpot)
01-06-21 (15:44)   'Watch Dogs: Legion' gets zombie DLC on PC starting today (NME.COM)
01-06-21 (15:05)   Zombies Invade London With Watch Dogs: Legion Of The Dead Game Mode, Starting Today (GameInformer.com)
01-06-21 (00:41)   Zombies will soon invade 'Watch Dogs: Legion' (Engadget)
31-05-21 (20:15)   Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead Announced - 4-Player PvE Mode Goes Live Tomorrow (GamingBolt)
31-05-21 (18:46)   Watch Dogs: Legion gets two major downloadable content (Sirus Gaming)
31-05-21 (15:30)   Watch Dogs: Legion - Bloodline Teaser Sets up Aiden Pearce's Trip to London (GamingBolt)
28-05-21 (19:43)   'Hacks': 10 Ways Jean Smart's Character Is Just Like Joan Rivers - and 4 Big Differences (TheWrap.com)
27-05-21 (18:10)   How Insulting Jean Smart Led Hannah Einbinder to Book 'Hacks' Role (Variety)
24-05-21 (17:04)   Dan Trachtenberg's Secret 'Predator' Movie Puts 'Legion' Co-Star Amber Midthunder in the Lead (SlashFilm)
24-05-21 (16:13)   New 'Watch Dogs: Legion' roadmap addresses delays and date changes (NME.COM)
23-05-21 (18:38)   Watch Dog Legion's 60 FPS Performance Mode Drops on June 1st Alongside Grandma Helen (PlayStation LifeStyle)
23-05-21 (17:45)   Watch Dogs Legion PvP modes delayed until August (PCGamesN.com)
22-05-21 (18:49)   Watch Dogs Legion has delayed its PvP modes and DLC (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
22-05-21 (16:01)   Watch Dogs: Legion - Title Update 4.5 Coming June 1st, Bloodline Expansion Delayed (GamingBolt)
22-05-21 (14:06)   Watch Dogs: Legion PS5 and Xbox Series X gets 60fps performance mode 1st June (Eurogamer.net)
21-05-21 (20:09)   DC's League of Super-Pets Movie Casts Dwayne Johnson as Krypto, and It Makes Me Uncomfortable (Gizmodo)
21-05-21 (16:09)   Watch Dogs: Legion Shines on an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Laptop (Den of Geek)
21-05-21 (15:10)   Amazon's 'Solos,' Starring Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, Anthony Mackie and More, Has More Stars Than Resonance: TV Review (Variety)
19-05-21 (20:46)   Watch Dogs: Legion Upcoming TU 4.5 to Introduce 60 FPS Performance Mode (Sirus Gaming)
18-05-21 (18:45)   Lenovo Legion 2 Pro with 18 GB of RAM set to debut on May 20 for ~US$932 in China (NotebookCheck.net)
17-05-21 (19:34)   Watch Dogs: Legion For New-Gen Consoles Gets 60 FPS Mode In Next Update (GameInformer.com)
17-05-21 (13:58)   'Watch Dogs: Legion' will add a 60 FPS performance mode for PS5 and Xbox Series X (Engadget)
16-05-21 (21:04)   Dan Stevens and Betty Gilpin Join Watergate Drama 'Gaslit' at Starz (SlashFilm)
16-05-21 (18:38)   Next Watch Dogs Legion Title Update Will Bring 60 FPS Performance Mode for PS5 and Xbox Series X (PlayStation LifeStyle)
16-05-21 (16:30)   Watch Dogs: Legion - Title Update 4.5 Adds 60 FPS Mode for Xbox Series X/S and PS5 (GamingBolt)
15-05-21 (19:00)   Watch Dogs: Legion's Next Update Will Add 60 FPS Performance Mode On PS5 And Xbox Series X (Kotaku)
15-05-21 (17:35)   Watch Dogs: Legion's upcoming 4.5 update adds 60fps performance mode on PS5 and Xbox Series X (Eurogamer.net)
13-05-21 (21:24)   Jean Smart, Hannah Einbinder Reveal Their Real-Life Comedian Inspirations for 'Hacks' Roles (Variety)
13-05-21 (20:00)   Betty Gilpin and Dan Stevens Join Starz Watergate Drama 'Gaslit' (TheWrap.com)
13-05-21 (19:03)   'Gaslit': Betty Gilpin To Play Mo Dean, Joining Dan Stevens As John Dean In Starz's Watergate Drama; Shea Whigham & Darby Camp Also Cast (Deadline.com)
13-05-21 (16:34)   Hacks Premiere: Jean Smart Takes On the Misogynist World of Stand-Up in HBO Max's Latest Comedy Grade It! (TVLine)
12-05-21 (19:24)   Dan Stevens reveals the magic of going one-on-one with Morgan Freeman in Amazon's Solos (Syfy Wire)
12-05-21 (15:11)   'Hacks': Jean Smart Makes 'Em Laugh in Stand-Up Dramedy (RollingStone.com)
11-05-21 (20:09)   Lenovo's Legion gaming PCs equipped with powerful Intel Core H-series mobile chips (On MSFT)
11-05-21 (16:15)   Latest lineup of Lenovo Legion gaming PCs and high-refresh monitor aim to level up esports competitors (Microsoft Blogs)
11-05-21 (16:10)   Lenovo Legion 7i, Legion 5i, Legion 5i Pro Gaming Laptops Refreshed With 11th Gen Intel Core H-Series CPUs (Gadgets 360)
11-05-21 (13:57)   Lenovo Legion 7i, Legion 5i Pro, Legion 5i gaming laptops pack in latest from Intel, Nvidia (C-Net News.com)
11-05-21 (13:12)   Lenovo updates popular Legion gaming laptops with new Intel and Nvidia hardware (Digital Trends)
11-05-21 (13:12)   Lenovo dives into ultrafast screens with its new 360Hz Legion gaming monitor (Digital Trends)
11-05-21 (13:12)   Lenovo updates Legion gaming laptops with 11th-gen Intel H-series chips (Engadget)
11-05-21 (13:09)   Lenovo's Latest Gaming Laptops Sport Intel's New 11th-Gen H CPUs (Gizmodo)
11-05-21 (13:06)   Lenovo's Legion 7i and 5i Pro gaming laptops have tall 16:10 QHD displays (TheVerge)
11-05-21 (13:05)   Lenovo Legion line expands with sleek 5i, 5i Pro, and 7i gaming laptops (SlashGear)
11-05-21 (13:02)   Lenovo updates the Legion 5i with a 165Hz QHD screen, Intel Core i7-11800H processor, and more (NotebookCheck.net)
11-05-21 (13:02)   Lenovo launches the Legion Y25g-30 gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 360Hz, 1ms response time, and more (NotebookCheck.net)
11-05-21 (13:02)   Lenovo Legion 7i is the world's first 16-inch QHD gaming laptop powered by Intel Tiger Lake-H and up to 165 W NVIDIA RTX 3080 (NotebookCheck.net)
11-05-21 (13:02)   Lenovo Legion 5i Pro gets the Tiger Lake-H treatment along with 16-inch QHD 165 Hz display and NVIDIA RTX 3050 and 3050 Ti GPU options (NotebookCheck.net)
10-05-21 (20:53)   Anthony Mackie, Morgan Freeman & more headline first trailer for Amazon's new sci-fi anthology 'Solos' (Syfy Wire)
10-05-21 (14:24)   'Hacks' Is a Thrilling Turn for Jean Smart: TV Review (Variety)
08-05-21 (03:29)   Jean Smart dishes on her dark comedy 'Hacks' (New York Post)
07-05-21 (14:46)   Lenovo Legion Unleashes Next-Generation of Gaming PCs (Sirus Gaming)
05-05-21 (21:09)   2021 Summer TV Preview: All the Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy to Stay at Home With (Gizmodo)
04-05-21 (23:28)   Watch Dogs Legion's first content update lets you control minds and drop sick beats (PCGamesN.com)
04-05-21 (19:30)   Watch Dogs: Legion - Animated Trailer Showcases Mina's Backstory (GamingBolt)
04-05-21 (19:17)   Watch Dogs Legion Update 1 Out Now with New Details (Sirus Gaming)
04-05-21 (16:07)   Watch Dogs Legion Update Adds New Playable Character, Co-Op Missions, and More (PlayStation LifeStyle)
04-05-21 (08:27)   First major 'Watch Dogs: Legion' update adds new character, professions and missions (NME.COM)
04-05-21 (00:00)   Watch Dogs Legion Update 1 Arrives Today May 4 (Sirus Gaming)
03-05-21 (22:44)   Watch Dogs: Legion - Update 4.0 Launch Trailer Details New Hero, Missions, and More (GamingBolt)
03-05-21 (22:41)   Watch Dogs: Legion Update Drops May 4, Adds New Characters (GameSpot)
03-05-21 (22:10)   Watch Dogs: Legion's next big update adds free and premium content (Polygon)
03-05-21 (20:00)   Watch Dog: Legion's New Operative Can Mind-Control Enemies (Kotaku)
30-04-21 (19:24)   What's New On HBO Max In May 2021: Tenet, Jean Smart's Hacks, And More (GameSpot)
28-04-21 (21:25)   'Hacks': Jean Smart Is a Struggling Comedian on the Road Back to Relevancy in HBO Max Series (RollingStone.com)
28-04-21 (20:27)   Jean Smart Is the Queen of Sin City in the Hacks Trailer (Vulture)
28-04-21 (20:03)   Hacks Trailer: Jean Smart Plays Fading Vegas Comedian in HBO Max Comedy (TVLine)
28-04-21 (01:30)   Watch Dogs: Legion's New Hero and Missions Delayed to May (GamingBolt)
26-04-21 (22:55)   Watch Dogs: Legion Update 4.0 Delayed To May 4 (GameSpot)
22-04-21 (14:18)   Save up to 300 on Lenovo's Legion gaming laptops (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
21-04-21 (14:16)   Lenovo now offers an extended warranty for its 2021 Legion gaming phone (NotebookCheck.net)
19-04-21 (11:15)   15 Hardest PS2 Games of All Time (GamingBolt)
18-04-21 (07:45)   The Lenovo Legion C7 15IMH05 stays quiet and cool (NotebookCheck.net)
15-04-21 (05:36)   Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 teardown reveals beautiful complexity (SlashGear)
12-04-21 (22:52)   Watch Dogs: Legion Update 3.30 Today (April 13) - Patch Notes (DualShockers)
11-04-21 (22:30)   Spring game is last for UAB at Birmingham's Legion Field (Washington Times)
11-04-21 (14:28)   Watch Dogs Legion mod that lets you customise the world (or clip out of it) launches next week (PCGamesN.com)
09-04-21 (13:10)   Lenovo's Legion Phone Duel 2 Has Double The USB Ports, Batteries, And Cololing Fans (GameSpot)
09-04-21 (12:16)   The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 is just as fragile as the Asus ROG Phone 5 (NotebookCheck.net)
09-04-21 (07:56)   Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 With Dual Cooling Fans, Quad Shoulder Buttons Launched: Price, Specifications (Gadgets 360)
09-04-21 (03:22)   Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 durability test ends terribly (SlashGear)
08-04-21 (18:45)   Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 smartphone launched with top-of-the-line-hardware and a bevy of gaming features (NotebookCheck.net)
08-04-21 (17:54)   Lenovo's Legion Phone Duel 2 Has 2 Fans, 2 Batteries, and One of the Weirdest Camera Bumps Available Today (Gizmodo)
08-04-21 (15:51)   Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 packs two fans for peak gaming power (SlashGear)
08-04-21 (14:57)   Lenovo Legion 2 gaming phone to sport four ultrasonic triggers - CNET (C-Net News.com)
08-04-21 (14:16)   Lenovo Legion Phone 2 dials the gaming features up to 11 (Pocket-lint)
08-04-21 (14:16)   Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 vs ROG Phone 5: What's the difference? (Pocket-lint)
08-04-21 (14:16)   Lenovo Legion Phone Pro/Duel 2: Release date, specs and price (Pocket-lint)
08-04-21 (14:12)   Lenovo's Legion Phone Duel 2 is seriously cool, and in more ways than one (Digital Trends)
08-04-21 (14:10)   Lenovo announces the Legion Phone Duel 2 with active cooling, a 44MP front camera, and more (Neowin.net)
08-04-21 (14:06)   Lenovo's Legion Phone Duel 2 has not one but two cooling fans (TheVerge)
08-04-21 (14:05)   Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 is the ultimate 5G Android gaming smartphone (BetaNews)
07-04-21 (08:56)   Lenovo Legion 2 Pro With Visible Cooling Fan and Pop-Up Selfie Camera to Launch on April 8 (Gadgets 360)
06-04-21 (16:43)   Hurry! Walmart slashed $600 off this Lenovo Legion gaming laptop (Digital Trends)
06-04-21 (15:31)   The Lenovo Legion 2 Pro's design is allegedly revealed in a new leak (NotebookCheck.net)
06-04-21 (12:16)   Legion Phone 2 event: How to watch the launch online (Pocket-lint)
06-04-21 (11:45)   Legion Phone 2 appears in real world photos showing off rear cooling fan (Pocket-lint)
06-04-21 (09:36)   Lenovo Legion 2 Pro gaming phone to get a built-in fan (SlashGear)
05-04-21 (16:45)   Lenovo confirms the return of the side-mounted pop-up selfie camera in the Legion 2 Pro (NotebookCheck.net)
04-04-21 (18:53)   Watch Dogs: Legion Will Get 60FPS on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in a Future Title Update (PlayStation LifeStyle)
04-04-21 (16:45)   EXPLAINER: Legion of Chauvin prosecutors, each with own role (Washington Times)
03-04-21 (23:45)   Lenovo reveals the Legion 2 Pro will have a 6.92-inch 144Hz display and a 5,500mAh battery (NotebookCheck.net)
02-04-21 (05:30)   Watch Dogs: Legion Has 60 FPS Update In Development For Next Gen Consoles (GamingBolt)
02-04-21 (02:29)   Watch Dogs: Legion Will Eventually Get 60 FPS Option On Next-Gen Consoles (Kotaku)
01-04-21 (23:03)   Armie Hammer Replaced by Dan Stevens in 'Gaslit' (AceShowbiz.com)
01-04-21 (20:00)   Dan Stevens Replaces Armie Hammer in Starz's Watergate Series 'Gaslit' (TheWrap.com)
01-04-21 (19:58)   Gaslit - Dan Stevens Joins Starz Series (Spoiler TV)
01-04-21 (19:17)   Dan Stevens Replaces Armie Hammer In Starz's Julia Roberts-Sean Penn Watergate Series 'Gaslit' (Deadline.com)
01-04-21 (19:10)   Dan Stevens Joins Julia Roberts, Sean Penn in Watergate Series 'Gastlit' at Starz, Taking Over Armie Hammer Role (Variety)
01-04-21 (19:03)   Dan Stevens Replaces Armie Hammer in Starz' Julia Roberts-Led Drama Gaslit (TVLine)
01-04-21 (17:31)   Lenovo Legion 2 Pro handily outperforms the Asus ROG Phone 5 in leaked benchmarks (NotebookCheck.net)
30-03-21 (17:10)   Xbox Deals with Gold feature Panzer Dragoon: Remake, Watch Dogs: Legion, and more (Neowin.net)
27-03-21 (02:41)   Crew Member on Universal TV Comedy Says He Was Fired After Getting COVID (Variety)
27-03-21 (01:24)   Richard Gilliland, Actor on 'Designing Women,' Dies at 71 (Variety)
26-03-21 (17:11)   You can play Watch Dogs: Legion for free all weekend - CNET (C-Net News.com)
25-03-21 (22:34)   Jean Smart Mourning Death of Husband Richard Gilliland (AceShowbiz.com)
24-03-21 (23:23)   Watch Dogs: Legion offers Free Trial Weekend on all platforms starting tomorrow (On MSFT)
24-03-21 (18:40)   You can play Watch Dogs: Legion for free this weekend - CNET (C-Net News.com)
24-03-21 (18:32)   Watch Dogs: Legion free trial starts Thursday, and you can preload now (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
24-03-21 (15:55)   Play Watch Dogs: Legion For Free This Weekend (GameSpot)
24-03-21 (15:31)   Lenovo Legion 2 Pro: Dual-fan gaming smartphone to launch on April 8 (NotebookCheck.net)
24-03-21 (14:35)   Watch Dogs: Legion gets a free trial this week (Eurogamer.net)
24-03-21 (10:16)   Lenovo Legion Phone 2 Pro will launch on 8 April (Pocket-lint)
24-03-21 (10:01)   Watch Dogs: Legion Will Have Free Trial Period From March 25 To 28; Gets Updated Roadmap (GamingBolt)
23-03-21 (22:30)   2 charged in shooting at American Legion Club in Missouri (Washington Times)
23-03-21 (22:24)   Watch Dogs: Legion Free-Play Weekend Begins March 25, First Tactical Op Arrives Through Update 3.25 (PlayStation LifeStyle)
23-03-21 (22:14)   Watch Dogs: Legion Will Be Free To Play This Weekend (Kotaku)
23-03-21 (19:17)   Watch Dogs: Legion Free Trial Weekend Announced (Sirus Gaming)
23-03-21 (18:05)   Here's How You Can Watch Every Season Of Legion (Looper)
23-03-21 (16:23)   Watch Dogs Legion Update 3.25 (Today, March 23) - Time, Patch Notes and Tactical Op (DualShockers)
23-03-21 (15:55)   Watch Dogs: Legion's First Tactical Ops Mission Launches Today, 3.25 Patch Notes Released (GameSpot)
22-03-21 (20:24)   Legion, The Bay, and everything else we watched this weekend (Polygon)
21-03-21 (14:27)   'Watch Dogs: Legion' multiplayer mode now available on PC (NME.COM)
20-03-21 (13:49)   Watch Dogs Legion's online modes are available now (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
19-03-21 (21:45)   Watch Dogs Legion's online mode has arrived on PC (PCGamesN.com)
19-03-21 (20:01)   Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode is Now Available on PC (GamingBolt)
19-03-21 (20:00)   Watch Dogs Legion Title Update 3.22 and Online Mode for PC Launches Today (Sirus Gaming)
19-03-21 (16:32)   Watch Dogs Legion is now 50% off in Ubisoft's Spring sale (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
19-03-21 (10:23)   Watch Dogs Legion Update 3.22 - Online Mode and Bug Fixes (DualShockers)
18-03-21 (16:14)   Dan Stevens, Maren Eggert's 'I'm Your Man' Acquired by Bleecker Street (TheWrap.com)
18-03-21 (16:10)   Bleecker Street Acquires U.S. Rights to Berlin Winner 'I'm Your Man,' Starring Dan Stevens and Maren Eggert (Variety)
18-03-21 (16:03)   Bleecker Street Buys Dan Stevens & Maren Eggert-Starring Berlinale Award Winner 'I'm Your Man' (Deadline.com)
17-03-21 (17:42)   Is Watch Dogs: Legion's Multiplayer Any Good? | Screen Rant (Screen Rant)
16-03-21 (20:46)   Watch Dogs Legion New Hotfix 3.21 Patch Notes Released (Sirus Gaming)
15-03-21 (16:19)   Watch Dogs Legion Crossplay, Cross-Gen Support Is Coming Soon (GameInformer.com)
15-03-21 (15:07)   Watch Dogs: Legion Getting Cross-Play and Cross-Gen Play in a Future Update (PlayStation LifeStyle)
15-03-21 (14:31)   Watch Dogs Legion Online Mode Getting Crossplay Soon (Sirus Gaming)
15-03-21 (06:13)   'Watch Dogs: Legion' to receive crossplay and cross-gen support (NME.COM)
14-03-21 (18:35)   Crossplay and cross-generational-play are on the way for Watch Dogs Legion Online Modes (Eurogamer.net)
14-03-21 (14:41)   Watch Dogs: Legion Will Get Cross-Play And Cross-Gen Support, But Not Yet (GameSpot)
14-03-21 (13:52)   When Will Watch Dogs Legion Cross Play Be Available? (DualShockers)
14-03-21 (13:01)   Watch Dogs: Legion Online Will Receive Crossplay in Future Update (GamingBolt)
13-03-21 (03:16)   Get US$500 off a Lenovo Legion 7i gaming laptop with 10th-gen Intel silicon (NotebookCheck.net)
12-03-21 (23:41)   Watch Dogs: Legion Online shows how empty an open world can feel (Polygon)
12-03-21 (12:45)   Lenovo Legion 2 Pro gaming phone could offer 130W fast-charging support (Pocket-lint)
10-03-21 (18:30)   Lenovo's next Legion Phone surfaces in benchmarking results (Pocket-lint)
10-03-21 (01:43)   Watch Dogs Legion's Co-Op Isn't Enough To Bring Us Back To The Game (Kotaku)
09-03-21 (20:10)   Watch Dogs Legion Online Mode - Official Launch Trailer (GameSpot)
09-03-21 (19:31)   Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode Now Available on Consoles and Stadia (Sirus Gaming)
09-03-21 (18:15)   Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode is Now Available (GamingBolt)
09-03-21 (17:10)   Watch Dogs: Legion Update 3.20 Adds Online Mode (GameSpot)
09-03-21 (16:24)   Watch Dogs: Legion Title Update 3.20 Prepares Consoles for Online Mode's Launch (PlayStation LifeStyle)
09-03-21 (16:02)   Lenovo Legion 2 Pro gaming smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC makes Geekbench debut (NotebookCheck.net)
09-03-21 (13:44)   Watch Dogs: Legion - Update 3.2 is Live Ahead of Multiplayer Launch (GamingBolt)
08-03-21 (21:23)   What to Expect from the March 23 Watch Dogs Legion: Online Update (DualShockers)
08-03-21 (21:00)   Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode on PC Just Got Delayed Due to Issue with Certain GPUs (Sirus Gaming)
08-03-21 (18:36)   Watch Dogs: Legion Online's Influence Points Explained (Looper)
08-03-21 (17:10)   Watch Dogs: Legion's Online Mode Has Been Delayed On PC (GameSpot)
08-03-21 (13:32)   Watch Dogs: Legion's online mode is delayed indefinitely on PC (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
08-03-21 (11:15)   Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer Delayed on PC (GamingBolt)
08-03-21 (07:51)   Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer for PC delayed until further notice (SlashGear)
08-03-21 (06:25)   Watch Dogs: Legion Online Multiplayer Delayed for PC, Again - This Time Indefinitely (Gadgets 360)
07-03-21 (22:41)   'Watch Dogs: Legion' PC multiplayer delayed indefinitely due to bugs (Engadget)
07-03-21 (15:13)   'Watch Dogs: Legion' Multiplayer modes receive delays on all platforms (NME.COM)
07-03-21 (07:45)   Lenovo Legion 5 with 500-nit 240 Hz FHD IPS display, full sRGB coverage, GeForce RTX 2060 graphics, and 16 GB RAM on sale for under $950 USD (NotebookCheck.net)
06-03-21 (23:43)   Watch Dogs: Legion's Multiplayer On PC Has Been Delayed Indefinitely Because Of Bugs (Kotaku)
06-03-21 (17:53)   Ubisoft Delaying Some Aspects of Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer on Consoles Due to Technical Issues (PlayStation LifeStyle)
06-03-21 (17:20)   Watch Dogs: Legion's online mode delayed on PC (Eurogamer.net)
06-03-21 (13:45)   Watch Dogs: Legion online mode delayed on PC indefinitely (PCGamesN.com)
05-03-21 (21:51)   How Does Watch Dogs: Legion Online Differ From The Main Game? (Looper)
04-03-21 (17:36)   Does Watch Dogs: Legion Online Continue The Story Of The Main Game? (Looper)
03-03-21 (20:22)   Is Watch Dogs: Legion Online Free-To-Play? (Looper)
03-03-21 (19:25)   Berlin Review: Dan Stevens' Robot Lover is More Human than Human in I'm Your Man (The Film Stage)
02-03-21 (17:51)   Watch Dogs: Legion Online Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, And Modes - What We Know So Far (Looper)
02-03-21 (16:02)   Retailers reveal Lenovo Legion 5i 15ITH6, Legion 5 17ITH6H and Legion 7 16ITHG6 gaming laptops with Intel Core i5-11400H, Core i7-11800H and Core i9-11980HK processors (NotebookCheck.net)
01-03-21 (22:55)   'I'm Your Man' Review: Wry, Bittersweet Romantic Comedy Probes the Problem With the Perfect Man (Variety)
01-03-21 (17:24)   Today's Best Gaming Deals: Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition For $60, Watch Dogs Legion For $25, And More (GameSpot)
27-02-21 (00:41)   Legion M's Film Scout: Movie Acquisition App Looks at Growth After Virtual Sundance (Variety)
26-02-21 (18:24)   'I'm Your Man': Dan Stevens Stars in Girl-Meets-Robot Story Posing 'Huge Philosophical Questions' (Variety)
26-02-21 (18:10)   Spike Lee's 'Da 5 Bloods' Set for Special Drive-In Screenings at Hollywood American Legion Post 43 (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
24-02-21 (23:17)   Watch Dogs Legion Update 1.11 Out Now Before Online Mode Patch Releases (Sirus Gaming)
24-02-21 (18:06)   Watch Dogs Legion 1.11 Patch Notes - What Bugs Have Been Fixed? (DualShockers)
23-02-21 (04:58)   'Watch Dogs: Legion' multiplayer mode arrives next month (NME.COM)
22-02-21 (23:55)   I can't stop playing darts in Watch Dogs: Legion (Polygon)
22-02-21 (21:53)   Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode Arrives on March 9, Single Player Missions Also Arrive for Season Pass Holders (PlayStation LifeStyle)
22-02-21 (21:41)   Multiplayer for 'Watch Dogs: Legion' arrives on March 9th (Engadget)
22-02-21 (21:31)   Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode Launching Early Next Month (Sirus Gaming)
22-02-21 (20:03)   Watch Dogs Legion's online mode launches in March (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
22-02-21 (20:01)   Watch Dogs: Legion Online Launches March 9 (GamingBolt)
22-02-21 (19:41)   Watch Dogs: Legion will finally receive multiplayer on March 9 (Neowin.net)
22-02-21 (19:00)   Watch Dogs: Legion Gets Co-Op On March 9 (Kotaku)
22-02-21 (18:45)   When does Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer come out? Online co-op release date and details (PCGamesN.com)
22-02-21 (18:14)   Watch Dogs Legion's multiplayer is a messy, chaotic good time (PCGamesN.com)
22-02-21 (18:10)   What To Know About Watch Dogs: Legion Online (GameSpot)
22-02-21 (18:10)   Watch Dogs Legion Online Puts A Serious Emphasis On Teamwork (GameSpot)
22-02-21 (18:10)   Watch Dogs: Legion Online Is Out March 9. Here's What You Should Know (Gadgets 360)
22-02-21 (18:10)   Watch Dogs: Legion Online expands open-world London, but only a little (Polygon)
22-02-21 (18:06)   Watch Dogs: Legion's upcoming online multiplayer mode gets March release date (Eurogamer.net)
22-02-21 (18:05)   Squading Up In Watch Dogs: Legion Online (GameInformer.com)
21-02-21 (19:14)   One Shot Dead, Others Injured in American Legion Attack (Breitbart.com)
21-02-21 (18:30)   1 dead, 4 injured in shooting at American Legion in Missouri (Washington Times)
18-02-21 (15:25)   Blithe Spirit Review: Dan Stevens Leads Exhausting Nol Coward Adaptation (The Film Stage)
17-02-21 (06:30)   Delayed Legion of Christ extortion trial goes ahead in Italy (Washington Times)
16-02-21 (23:24)   Fallen Legion Revenants - Launch Trailer (GameSpot)
11-02-21 (02:32)   Jean Smart Comedy EP Mike Schur Shares 'SNL' Moment About "Ruined" Bill Murray Sketch - TCA (Deadline.com)
10-02-21 (22:41)   HBO Max's Jean Smart Series Doesn't Have A Name Yet, But There's A Good Reason Why (GameSpot)
10-02-21 (21:17)   Ang Lee Awarded The Legion Of Honor, France's Highest Order Of Merit (Deadline.com)
10-02-21 (15:23)   Watch Dogs Legion New Update 1.10 - What Does it Fix? (DualShockers)
10-02-21 (14:41)   Watch Dogs: Legion Update 3.0 Fixes Crashes On Console (GameSpot)
09-02-21 (11:44)   Untitled Jean Smart HBO Max Comedy - Hannah Einbinder & Carl-Clemons-Hopkins Join Cast, Others Set To Recur (Spoiler TV)
09-02-21 (00:58)   Meg Stalter, Kaitlin Olson, and More Join Upcoming Jean Smart Comedy on HBO Max (Vulture)
08-02-21 (23:09)   Hannah Einbinder and Carl Clemons-Hopkins Star in the Untitled Jean Smart Comedy Series (The Futon Critic)
08-02-21 (22:41)   Jean Smart Comedy Series at HBO Max Adds 10 to Cast, Including Hannah Einbinder and Carl Clemons-Hopkins (Variety)
08-02-21 (22:32)   Hannah Einbinder & Carl Clemons-Hopkins Join Jean Smart In HBO Max Comedy; Full Cast Set (Deadline.com)
04-02-21 (20:45)   Lenovo posts a specs-ref for the new Legion 5 Pro ahead of its release (NotebookCheck.net)
01-02-21 (23:03)   TVLine Items: Sonic Series at Netflix, Whac-A-Mole TV Show and More (TVLine)
01-02-21 (19:26)   Uzo Aduba, Nicole Beharie, Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, Anthony Mackie, Helen Mirren, Dan Stevens, and Constance Wu Set to Star in the New David Weil Amazon Original Series "Solos" (The Futon Critic)
01-02-21 (11:01)   15 Most Amazing RPG Summons (GamingBolt)
29-01-21 (19:41)   Daily Deal Drops Watch Dogs Legion To Just $25 On PS5, PS4, And Xbox (GameSpot)
28-01-21 (18:09)   Link Tank: Why WandaVision Fans Should Watch FX's Legion (Den of Geek)
28-01-21 (09:52)   Watch Dogs Legion Title Update 3.0 is Now Available for PC Players (DualShockers)
28-01-21 (00:30)   Watch Dogs: Legion - Title Update 3.0 is Live on PC (GamingBolt)
27-01-21 (22:31)   Watch Dogs Legion PC Gets Title Update 3.0 Today Including Files for Online Mode (Sirus Gaming)
27-01-21 (21:59)   Watch Dogs Legion has a big update out that includes some multiplayer test files (PCGamesN.com)
27-01-21 (21:16)   Lenovo US announces an "employee-discount" sale on Legion laptops, more (NotebookCheck.net)
27-01-21 (16:55)   Watch Dogs: Legion Update 3.0 Prepares For Online Mode On PC (GameSpot)
27-01-21 (10:09)   Future State is the Next Evolution for DC's Legion of Super-Heroes (Den of Geek)
26-01-21 (15:14)   William Shatner, Jean Smart and Christopher Lloyd Comedy 'Senior Moment' Nabbed by Screen Media (TheWrap.com)
26-01-21 (15:03)   'Senior Moment' Starring William Shatner, Jean Smart & Christopher Lloyd Lands At Screen Media (Deadline.com)
14-01-21 (19:41)   'Blithe Spirit' Review: Flat, Dated Resurrection of Nol Coward Farce Proves Some Things Are Better Left Dead (Variety)
13-01-21 (14:05)   Lenovo's New Legion Gaming Laptops Sport Latest AMD, Nvidia Hardware (ExtremeTech)
13-01-21 (09:25)   Lenovo Legion 7, Slim 7, Legion 5, 5 Pro With AMD Ryzen 5000-Series CPUs, GeForce RTX 30-Series GPUs Launched (Gadgets 360)
12-01-21 (21:57)   Lenovo slashes the price of its Legion gaming laptop by $650 (Digital Trends)
12-01-21 (20:41)   Hollywood Legion Drive-In Theater Offers Christopher Nolan Film Festival (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
12-01-21 (18:57)   Lenovo's bevy of new Legion gaming laptops go all-in on Ryzen 5000 (Digital Trends)
12-01-21 (18:26)   Lenovo laptop deals: Get a ThinkPad X390 for $959, Legion 7i for $1,500 and more - CNET (C-Net News.com)
12-01-21 (18:16)   Lenovo Legion adds QHD resolution 165Hz display to gaming laptop line-up (Pocket-lint)
12-01-21 (18:16)   Lenovo unveils the Legion Slim 7 with AMD Ryzen 5000 processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs (NotebookCheck.net)
12-01-21 (18:16)   The new Lenovo Legion 7 debuts with a flagship display, up to AMD Ryzen 9 APUs and NVIDIA's latest GeForce RTX 30 GPUs (NotebookCheck.net)
12-01-21 (18:16)   Lenovo updates the Legion 5 Pro to a 16:10 display, AMD Ryzen 5000 APUs and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 GPUs (NotebookCheck.net)
12-01-21 (18:16)   Lenovo announces a refresh for the subdued Legion 5 15 and Legion 5 17 (NotebookCheck.net)
12-01-21 (18:16)   Lenovo Legion H200 and Legion H600 gaming headsets launched for US$49.99 and US$99.99, respectively (NotebookCheck.net)
12-01-21 (18:16)   Lenovo Legion Gaming Dock S600 announced; will be available for purchase in April 2021 for US$89.99 (NotebookCheck.net)
12-01-21 (18:15)   CES 2021: Lenovo's lineup includes IdeaPad 5G, Yoga AIO 7, Legion 7 and thinnest ThinkPad ever (Microsoft Blogs)
12-01-21 (18:12)   Lenovo's new gaming laptops have 16:10 displays for non-gaming moments (Engadget)
12-01-21 (18:10)   Lenovo unveils new Legion gaming laptops with new Ryzen 5000, RTX 30 mobile, and more (Neowin.net)
12-01-21 (18:06)   Lenovo's new Legion gaming laptops go all in on AMD's latest Ryzen chips (TheVerge)
12-01-21 (18:05)   Lenovo Legion 7 2021 kicks off gaming laptop refresh with AMD and NVIDIA (SlashGear)
11-01-21 (22:02)   Lenovo Legion Y540 with GeForce RTX 2060 graphics discounted to just $699 USD ahead of imminent CES 2021 Ampere refresh (NotebookCheck.net)
05-01-21 (20:32)   American Legion Removes Commander From Roles After Proud Boys Activity (Newsmax)
04-01-21 (13:31)   NVIDIA to offer entry-level RTX features with the GA107 RTX 3050 with 2,304 CUDA cores, upcoming Lenovo Legion R5 desktops to offer RTX 3050, RTX 3050 Ti, and RTX 3060 12 GB options (NotebookCheck.net)
29-12-20 (22:43)   Watch Dogs: Legion for PlayStation 5 is 50% off today at Best Buy (Digital Trends)
26-12-20 (22:31)   The Lenovo Legion 7 is equipped with a breathtaking 240-Hz display (NotebookCheck.net)
25-12-20 (16:59)   With new stadium set, Birmingham ponders Legion Field future (Washington Times)
24-12-20 (15:23)   Watch Dogs Legion Cosplay Uncovers a Rather Sassy, Bad-Ass Helen (DualShockers)
23-12-20 (11:16)   Lenovo Legion Phone Duel review: A god among gaming phones? (Pocket-lint)
23-12-20 (00:23)   New Marvel Sets Coming to Unmatched and Gen Con Makes 2021 Plans in the Latest Gaming News (Gizmodo)
22-12-20 (23:45)   Trump Awards Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Legion of Merit (Breitbart.com)
22-12-20 (18:45)   Donald Trump Honors Australian PM Scott Morrison with Legion of Merit (Breitbart.com)
21-12-20 (15:20)   Xbox Countdown Sale cuts prices on AC Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion and more (Eurogamer.net)
21-12-20 (15:13)   Securing fair play in mobile games: Traplight and Battle Legion (Pocket Gamer.biz)
18-12-20 (22:46)   Watch Dogs: Legion Online Multiplayer Will Launch Early 2021 (Sirus Gaming)
18-12-20 (22:24)   Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer Mode Coming Early 2021 (GameSpot)
16-12-20 (16:43)   Ubisoft's Game Subscription Service Is Now Available On Stadia (Kotaku)
15-12-20 (17:03)   'Earwig And The Witch': Richard E. Grant, Kacey Musgraves & Dan Stevens Among Voice Cast For Goro Miyazaki's Gkids Film (Deadline.com)
11-12-20 (01:24)   Alien series stalking to FX on Hulu from Ridley Scott & Legion mastermind Noah Hawley (Syfy Wire)
10-12-20 (18:59)   Save $500 on this Lenovo Legion 5 laptop that's great for gaming and anything else (Mashable)
10-12-20 (18:14)   How Watch Dogs: Legion's 'play as anyone' simulation works (Gamasutra)
10-12-20 (00:24)   Watch Dogs Legion Update 2.40 Fixes Xbox Save Issue And Adds New Permadeath Option (GameSpot)
08-12-20 (21:57)   Lenovo laptop deals: Get a ThinkPad X1 Carbon for $935 or Legion 7i for $1,275 and more - CNET (C-Net News.com)
03-12-20 (20:00)   Watch Dogs: Legion Title Update 2.30 Out Now (Sirus Gaming)
03-12-20 (18:45)   Watch Dogs Legion update fixes crashes and removes the infinite money glitch (PCGamesN.com)
03-12-20 (12:44)   Watch Dogs: Legion Update Fixes "Super Game Over" Issue (GamingBolt)
02-12-20 (20:03)   Hollywood Legion Theater To Host 'Tenet' Drive-In Screenings (Deadline.com)
02-12-20 (17:10)   Watch Dogs: Legion Update 2.30 Is Live, Patch Notes Here (GameSpot)

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