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23-06-17 (23:42)   Legion & Archer Are Heading to Comic-Con This Year (Screen Rant)
23-06-17 (22:44)   Comic-Con 2017 - Show Attendance Table *Updated - 23rd June 2017* (Spoiler TV)
23-06-17 (22:32)   'Legion' & 'Fargo' Stunt Coordinator Guy Bews On Executing A 'Revenant'-Like One-Take Sequence In Two Days (Deadline.com)
23-06-17 (22:03)   Comic-Con: FX Bringing 'Legion,' 'Archer' & 'The Strain' Back To San Diego (Deadline.com)
20-06-17 (22:03)   'The Night Of' & 'Legion' Composer Jeff Russo On Channeling "Chaos And Madness" And Pure American Tragedy (Deadline.com)
18-06-17 (19:42)   The Doctor and gang battle alien light eating dragons and find the Roman 9th Legion on the latest episode of Doctor Who (Blastr.com)
18-06-17 (09:03)   Event: Jun 25, 2017 - Legion Japan - Legion 001 (Sherdog.com)
17-06-17 (21:18)   Dan Stevens Shot 'Kill Switch' in Four Days (SlashFilm)
16-06-17 (21:03)   'Legion' Cinematographer Dana Gonzales Discusses The Visual Influence Of The Series On 'Fargo's Third Season (Deadline.com)
16-06-17 (19:03)   'Legion's Aubrey Plaza On The Sequence That Was Entirely Reworked In The Edit Bay (Deadline.com)
16-06-17 (17:33)   Dan Stevens Shot an Ambitious Sci-Fi Movie in Just 4 Days (Hollywood Reporter)
14-06-17 (19:42)   Sneak peeks from Dan Stevens movie Kill Switch count down the end (Blastr.com)
14-06-17 (01:32)   Good Deed Acquires Rebecca Hall-Dan Stevens Romancer 'Permission' (Deadline.com)
14-06-17 (01:13)   'Fargo' & 'Legion' Cinematographer Craig Wrobleski on Coen Brothers Nods, Noah Hawley, and More (Collider)
13-06-17 (22:36)   LEGION Soundtrack Gets Mutant Sequel (Comicbook.com)
12-06-17 (19:37)   Dan Stevens was excited to visit the Beast's library while filming Beauty and the Beast (EW.com)
12-06-17 (19:14)   Aubrey Plaza Is Totally Wasted in 'Legion' (Video) (TheWrap.com)
12-06-17 (01:18)   Microsoft at E3: Meet the Xbox One X's legion of games (that are coming to PC, too) (PCWorld.com)
11-06-17 (23:07)   Super-Wabbit Returns in the LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES/BUG BUNNY Special (Exclusive Preview) (Nerdist)
09-06-17 (18:52)   Young Jack Sparrow And More: Chats With Anthony De La Torre And Ray Scott, Plus A Legion Exclusive And A Paul Simon CD/DVD Review (The Huffington Post)
07-06-17 (23:03)   Deadline's Crew Call Podcast: 'Legion' Production Designer Michael Wylie On "Taking Stories And Giving Them A Backstory" (Deadline.com)
05-06-17 (21:46)   'Legion' Special Effects Makeup Supervisors On Their Fluke Discovery Of The Perfect Model For Creature Work (Deadline.com)
05-06-17 (15:49)   Emmys 2017: Lead Actor in a Drama Series ? Our 6 Dream Nominees! (TVLine)
01-06-17 (18:02)   This 'Beauty and the Beast' Behind-the-Scenes Video Shows How Silly Dan Stevens Looked on Set (ScreenCrush)
01-06-17 (17:04)   'Beauty and the Beast' Behind-the-Scenes Footage Shows Off Dan Stevens' Ridiculous Motion Capture Suit (SlashFilm)
01-06-17 (02:26)   How Kubrick, David Lynch, and happy accidents gave 'Legion' its crazy look (Digital Trends)
31-05-17 (18:28)   'Beauty and the Beast' Behind-the-Scenes Video Reveals Dan Stevens in Motion-Capture (Collider)
28-05-17 (17:27)   2017 Character Cup - Round 1B (Spoiler TV)
28-05-17 (04:56)   The Flash Movie: What Dan Stevens Could Look Like as Reverse-Flash (Screen Rant)
28-05-17 (02:05)   This Is What Dan Stevens Could Look Like As Reverse Flash (Comicbook.com)
28-05-17 (00:42)   Pre-CGI video from Beauty and the Beast proves both Emma Watson and Dan Stevens deserve Oscars (Blastr.com)
26-05-17 (14:43)   Lenovo's Legion Gets Bigger with Y920: 17-inch G-SYNC, Core i7-K, GTX 1070, TB3 (AnandTech)
25-05-17 (22:56)   Beauty & The Beast: Watch Dan Stevens' Mo-Cap Performance (Screen Rant)
25-05-17 (21:27)   After Seeing Dan Stevens' Ridiculous Beauty and the Beast Suit We've Decided Emma Watson Actually Deserves an Oscar (Vulture)
25-05-17 (05:22)   Supergirl: Melissa Benoist Teases Legion Of Super-Heroes Story (Comicbook.com)
25-05-17 (02:11)   Supergirl: Is The Legion of Super-Heroes 'On Its Way'? (Screen Rant)
25-05-17 (01:02)   You'll Never Look at Beauty and the Beast the Same After Seeing Dan Stevens Before CGI (E! Online)
21-05-17 (01:37)   Lenovo Unveils New IdeaPad And Legion Laptops (Ubergizmo)
20-05-17 (19:11)   Lenovo Legion Y920 brings a 17-inch model to the gaming line video - CNET (C-Net News.com)
19-05-17 (23:22)   First Look at the Legion of Super-Heroes/Bugs Bunny Crossover (Comicbook.com)
19-05-17 (20:04)   'Legion of Brothers': Film Review (Hollywood Reporter)
19-05-17 (08:01)   Getting to Know the Cast of the FX Hit Legion (TVOvermind)
19-05-17 (00:21)   Lenovo Goes High-End With Legion Y920 Gaming Notebook, Outs New IdeaPads And Flex Laptops, Too (Toms Hardware Guide)
18-05-17 (19:26)   Lenovo Legion Y920 Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET (C-Net News.com)
18-05-17 (18:18)   Lenovo's Legion Y920 gets serious with mechanical keys and one-touch overclocking (PCWorld.com)
18-05-17 (18:12)   Lenovo debuts back-to-school laptops before school's even out (Engadget)
18-05-17 (18:11)   Lenovo's Legion Y920 is a monster gaming laptop at a monster price (Windows Central)
18-05-17 (18:05)   Lenovo Legion Y920 17-inch gaming notebook returns for enthusiasts (SlashGear)
17-05-17 (22:56)   Exclusive: FPS Kill Switch Scene Starring Dan Stevens (Screen Rant)
17-05-17 (18:23)   Action RPG Fallen Legion Gets PS4 and PS Vita Release Date (DualShockers)
16-05-17 (14:41)   Dan Stevens Must Make The Ultimate Sacrifice In The Intriguing Official Trailer & Posters For KILL SWITCH (Comic Book Movie)
16-05-17 (00:07)   How Many Sci-Fi Movie Styles Can You Spot in the KILL SWITCH Trailer? (Nerdist)
14-05-17 (21:18)   Legion of Collectors - Wonder Woman unboxing (May 2017) (Batman-News.com)
13-05-17 (18:16)   See Our Horrifying Future Through Dan Stevens' Eyes in the New 'Kill Switch' Trailer (ScreenCrush)
11-05-17 (15:58)   Will the Best Thing About Twin Peaks Be the New Show's Achilles' Heel? (Vulture)
11-05-17 (00:27)   UNBOXING: WONDER WOMAN Themed DC Legion Of Collectors Box For May 2017 (Comic Book Movie)
06-05-17 (19:02)   Internet Boyfriend Dan Stevens Goes First-Person in the 'Kill Switch' Trailer (ScreenCrush)
05-05-17 (15:33)   'Kill Switch' Trailer: Dan Stevens Gets a Serious Downgrade (SlashFilm)
04-05-17 (19:13)   Synopsis for Gareth Evans 'Apostle' Reveals That Dan Stevens Will Beat Up Cultists (Collider)
04-05-17 (00:38)   The Saber Legion Allows You to Engage in Jedi Combat (Nerdist)
03-05-17 (21:56)   Objects in Space 5/3: W. Kamau Bell, the ubiquitous Dan Stevens and Maisie Williams gets a serenade (Blastr.com)
03-05-17 (19:46)   Fresh Off The Boat Presents: Legion of Dope-itude Featuring Lazy Boy FCBD 2017 (Comic Book Resources)
03-05-17 (19:37)   Fresh Off The Boat Presents: Legion of Dope-itude Featuring Lazy Boy FCBD 2017 (CBR.com)
03-05-17 (19:11)   Lenovo Legion Y520 review: A budget gaming laptop that's easy on the eyes (Windows Central)
03-05-17 (17:56)   Dan Stevens must save humanity in first trailer for sci-fi flick Kill Switch (Blastr.com)
03-05-17 (05:46)   Legion's Dan Stevens Must Save the Multiverse in Kill Switch Teaser (Comic Book Resources)
03-05-17 (05:37)   Legion's Dan Stevens Must Save the Multiverse in Kill Switch Teaser (CBR.com)
03-05-17 (02:25)   Kill Switch Teaser: Legion's Dan Stevens Does First Person Sci-Fi (Screen Rant)
03-05-17 (00:58)   LEGION Star Dan Stevens Attempts To Save The World In The First Teaser Trailer For KILL SWITCH (Comic Book Movie)
02-05-17 (22:51)   Sci-fi action film Kill Switch starring Dan Stevens unleashes new trailer (JoBlo.com)
02-05-17 (22:22)   Dan Stevens has to save the world in teaser trailer for 'Kill Switch' (EW.com)
02-05-17 (13:15)   Requiem for the Legion of Boom: Seahawks Draft for Life Without Sherman (Bleacher Report)
26-04-17 (20:03)   'Permission' Stars Dan Stevens And Rebecca Hall Discuss Difficult Relationship Questions ? Tribeca Studio (Deadline.com)
24-04-17 (09:34)   Dan Stevens Is Open to Another 'Beauty and the Beast' Film (AceShowbiz.com)
23-04-17 (18:46)   Deadline Studio at Tribeca 2017 - Day 3 - Andie MacDowell, Joseph Fiennes, Elisabeth Moss, Kobe Bryant, Dan Stevens & More (Deadline.com)
23-04-17 (17:56)   Dan Stevens Open To More Beauty and the Beast (Screen Rant)
18-04-17 (14:07)   With FARGO And LEGION, Noah Hawley Creates TV on Another Level (Nerdist)
18-04-17 (06:01)   Anyone Else Miss The Legion of Doom in Pro Wrestling? (TVOvermind)
16-04-17 (11:43)   WW2 veteran awarded Légion d'Honneur on 99th birthday (BBC News)
14-04-17 (02:07)   BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is Now the Highest Grossing Live-Action Movie Musical Ever (Nerdist)
11-04-17 (01:15)   15 Film/TV Heroes And Villains Who Could Beat Legion (Comic Book Resources)
09-04-17 (04:25)   Legion: The Biggest Differences Between The Show And The Comics (Screen Rant)
07-04-17 (22:46)   Tim Pigott-Smith Dies: 'Jewel In The Crown' Actor Was 70; "Marvelous, Mischievous Man", Says Dan Stevens (Deadline.com)
07-04-17 (13:15)   Why Were Superboy and Supergirl BOTH Allowed in the Legion? (Comic Book Resources)
07-04-17 (05:11)   X-Men: Every Adaptation Of Professor X, Ranked Worst To Best (Screen Rant)
07-04-17 (00:15)   15 Things The MCU Can Learn From Legion (Comic Book Resources)
06-04-17 (17:14)   Legion: Season 1 Review (IGN.com)
06-04-17 (03:13)   Quote of the Week - Week of March 26 (Spoiler TV)
06-04-17 (02:11)   You can now watch that bizarre 'Legion' ending online - CNET (C-Net News.com)
05-04-17 (00:58)   STV Podcast 146 - Legion, TWD and Power Rangers (Spoiler TV)
04-04-17 (22:20)   Legion's first season fizzled into a conventional superhero story (TheVerge)
04-04-17 (21:28)   Collider TV Talk: 'Game of Thrones' Season 7 Teaser Trailer; 'Legion' Season Finale Review (Collider)
04-04-17 (19:47)   The Legion Post-Credits Scene That Makes Waiting for Season 2 Unbearable (TVOvermind)
04-04-17 (19:29)   Legion: David Haller's 15 Weirdest Personalities (Comic Book Resources)
04-04-17 (19:12)   Here's Legion's post credit scene (in case you missed it) and a detail no one seems to have noticed... (GamesRadar)
04-04-17 (16:08)   Dan Stevens sees a miracle in the mirror in 'The Ticket' clip (EW.com)
04-04-17 (13:29)   Supergirl's Shocking First Meeting With the Legion (Comic Book Resources)
04-04-17 (06:25)   Legion Finale Post-Credits Scene Released Online (Screen Rant)
03-04-17 (19:11)   Legion: 15 Unresolved Plot Holes In Season 1 (Screen Rant)
03-04-17 (14:03)   The RPG Scrollbars: Back To World of Warcraft: Legion (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
03-04-17 (00:44)   7 Word Review - 26 Mar to 01 Apr - Review your shows in 7 words (Spoiler TV)
02-04-17 (20:13)   Scene Of The Week - April 2, 2017 + POLL (Spoiler TV)
01-04-17 (21:28)   Will we see Professor X in 'Legion' Season 2? (Mashable)
01-04-17 (11:13)   Picture That - Review the weeks TV with an Image, Meme or GIF - 1st April 2017 (Spoiler TV)
31-03-17 (19:51)   See how the Devil with Yellow Eyes was created for Marvel & FX's Legion (JoBlo.com)
31-03-17 (19:41)   Legion showrunner addresses Professor X rumors for next season (Polygon)
31-03-17 (18:33)   'Legion' Season Finale: All of Your Questions Answered (SlashFilm)
31-03-17 (16:56)   Legion: What Marvel TV Can Take Away From FX's Mutant Series (Screen Rant)
31-03-17 (04:11)   Legion: Who Took David? (TVGuide.com)
31-03-17 (00:43)   Professor X might be in Legion season 2, and Patrick Stewart says he's in (GamesRadar)
30-03-17 (23:42)   Legion Creator Explains Season 1 Finale Post-Credits Scene (Screen Rant)
30-03-17 (22:42)   Legion: 15 Things You Didn't Know About The Shadow King (Screen Rant)
30-03-17 (21:04)   'Legion' Season 2: X-Men Comic Book Storylines That Could Inspire Future Seasons (SlashFilm)
30-03-17 (20:38)   What to Expect From LEGION Season Two (Nerdist)
30-03-17 (20:00)   Legion Creator Explains Post-Credits Cliffhanger, Looks Ahead to Season 2 (Comic Book Resources)
30-03-17 (19:04)   Critic's Notebook: The Audacity of Weirdness and Joy In 'Legion' (Hollywood Reporter)
30-03-17 (18:56)   Legion: 15 Best Moments From Season 1 (Screen Rant)
30-03-17 (18:04)   'Legion' Spoiler Review: Thoughts on "Chapter 8" (SlashFilm)
30-03-17 (17:10)   Legion is being compared to Pokémon because of one very strange scene (Polygon)
30-03-17 (16:10)   Theories over what Legion's post-credits scene could mean are already flying (Polygon)
30-03-17 (15:27)   Legion Season-Finale Recap: Dark Side of the Mutant (Vulture)
30-03-17 (14:08)   Now, let's discuss that 'Legion' season 1 finale (EW.com)
30-03-17 (11:45)   Legion Spoilers: Creator Noah Hawley talks season 2 plans, return of Shadow King (Spoilers Guide)
30-03-17 (08:37)   TV Review: Legion - Season 1, Episode 8 - "Chapter 8" (JoBlo.com)
30-03-17 (07:45)   'Legion' Season Finale Recap: The Shadow King Plays a Final Trump Card (BuddyTV)
30-03-17 (07:42)   Legion Season 2 Will Likely Have More Episodes (Screen Rant)
30-03-17 (07:07)   LEGION's Noah Hawley Answers Your Burning Questions About the Season Finale (Nerdist)
30-03-17 (06:56)   Legion: Season 1 Finale & Mid-Credits Sequence Explained (Screen Rant)
30-03-17 (06:33)   'Legion' Finale: Noah Hawley Explains Post-Credits Scene, Teases Season 2 (Hollywood Reporter)
30-03-17 (06:00)   Legion Finale Pits Mutants Against Humanity in a War For Survival (Comic Book Resources)
30-03-17 (05:57)   Legion's Spectacular First Season Paves the Way for a New Era of Comic Book Shows (TVGuide.com)
30-03-17 (05:56)   Legion Season 1 Finale Finds Its Humanity & Delivers One Big Surprise (Screen Rant)
30-03-17 (05:42)   It's time for war at last on the season finale of Legion (Blastr.com)
30-03-17 (05:42)   Legion showrunner Noah Hawley explains those finale shockers and teases Season 2 (Blastr.com)
30-03-17 (05:28)   'Legion': Noah Hawley and Dan Stevens Unpack the Finale, Tease Season 2 (Collider)
30-03-17 (05:28)   'Legion' Recap: "Chapter 8" - Getting to Know You (Collider)
30-03-17 (05:27)   Legion Tackled Mental Illness With Wisdom and Subtlety (Vulture)
30-03-17 (05:27)   Legion Creator Noah Hawley Talks Dance Sequences, Mental Illness, and David's Parentage (Vulture)
30-03-17 (05:20)   Legion Boss on the Finale's Post-Credits 'Tease,' David's Famous Dad and What's in Store for Season 2 (TVLine)
30-03-17 (05:17)   'Legion' EP Noah Hawley On Tonight's Finale, Season 2 & Patrick Stewart (Deadline.com)
30-03-17 (05:14)   Legion Season Finale Review (IGN.com)
30-03-17 (05:14)   Legion Showrunner on Plans for Season 2, Professor X (IGN.com)
30-03-17 (05:14)   'Legion' Teased Mysteries But Leaves Viewers Hanging In Season 1 (Commentary) (TheWrap.com)
30-03-17 (05:14)   'Legion': 11 Questions We Need Answered in Season 2 (Photos) (TheWrap.com)
30-03-17 (05:13)   Legion - Chapter 8 (Season Finale) - Review: "A Truly Exceptional 1st Season" (Spoiler TV)
30-03-17 (05:10)   Legion's finale is one of the season's best episodes, but still can't save it (Polygon)
30-03-17 (05:07)   LEGION Recap: Chapter 8 is a Fantastic Finale (Nerdist)
30-03-17 (05:03)   We loved the 'Legion' Season 1 finale ? and that stunning post-credits sequence! (Screener.tv)
30-03-17 (02:56)   Legion: The Shadow King Explained (Screen Rant)
30-03-17 (00:43)   Taking The Battle To The Burning Legion In World Of Warcraft Update 7.2 (Kotaku)
30-03-17 (00:37)   'Legion': Chapter 8 Season Finale Spoilers (Heavy.com)
30-03-17 (00:02)   This Mini Beauty and Mini Beast Meeting Emma Watson and Dan Stevens Is the Cutest Thing You'll Watch All Day (E! Online)
29-03-17 (21:08)   Emma Watson and Dan Stevens meet kid versions of Belle and Beast (EW.com)
29-03-17 (19:41)   Legion's biggest reference to X-Men comics is here: The Shadow King (Polygon)
29-03-17 (18:32)   'Legion' creator Noah Hawley revisits Season 1 and teases what's to come (Screener.tv)
29-03-17 (18:00)   Legion: Ahead of Finale, Producer Talks Mutants, Reality & the X-Future (Comic Book Resources)
29-03-17 (11:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 29th March 2017 (Spoiler TV)
28-03-17 (23:44)   Legion - Episode 1.08 - Chapter 8 (Season Finale) - Promo, Promotional Photos & Press Release (Spoiler TV)
28-03-17 (23:44)   Quote of the Week - March 19th, 2017 (Spoiler TV)
28-03-17 (20:59)   Will Legion Season 2 Feature More X-Men References? Here's What The Showrunner Says (Cinemabled)
28-03-17 (18:10)   Legion's Shadow King got his shape thanks to reality TV and Sigmund Freud (Polygon)
28-03-17 (18:07)   How LEGION's Showrunner Designed His Gruesome Version of the Shadow King (Nerdist)
28-03-17 (16:47)   'Legion' Primer: What to Know Before the Season Finale (Hollywood Reporter)
28-03-17 (16:31)   Legion Spoilers: Season 2 won't follow comics storyline, says creator (Spoilers Guide)
28-03-17 (15:10)   Don't go anywhere after the credits roll on Legion's season finale (Polygon)
28-03-17 (00:11)   Legion Season 2 Won't 'Look to the Comics' for Stories (Screen Rant)
27-03-17 (23:42)   Leading into the Legion finale, Noah Hawley talks X-Men inspirations, casting and more (Blastr.com)
27-03-17 (22:46)   Legion Season 2 Won't 'Suddenly Look to the Comics For Storylines' (Comic Book Resources)
27-03-17 (20:25)   TV THIS WEEK: The Walking Dead and Legion wrap up their seasons, Grimm says goodbye for good (Blastr.com)
27-03-17 (17:04)   'Beauty and the Beast': How Dan Stevens and the Sound Team Gave Beast His Roar (Hollywood Reporter)
26-03-17 (19:58)   Scene Of The Week - March 26, 2017 + POLL (Spoiler TV)
25-03-17 (20:14)   Legion's Villain and His Connection to the X-Men Explained (IGN.com)
25-03-17 (17:11)   First Look at Dan Stevens as Charles Dickens (Screen Rant)
25-03-17 (03:00)   Legion Season Finale Promo Casts David Haller as a 'World Breaker' (Comic Book Resources)
24-03-17 (18:08)   First Look: Dan Stevens as Charles Dickens in 'The Man Who Invented Christmas' (EW.com)
23-03-17 (23:00)   Legion Stars on Filming This Week's Wild Episode (IGN.com)
23-03-17 (19:45)   The Fun Way Legends Of Tomorrow Is Paying Homage To The Original Legion Of Doom (Cinemabled)
23-03-17 (18:41)   Legion's chalkboard scene ties directly into one of X-Men's most important events (Polygon)
23-03-17 (18:04)   'Legion' Spoiler Review: Thoughts on "Episode 7" (SlashFilm)
23-03-17 (16:11)   Legion Season 1 Finale Promo: David Is a World Breaker (Screen Rant)
23-03-17 (16:03)   In its unbelievable climax, 'Legion' knocks down every domino it's been setting up (Screener.tv)
23-03-17 (15:13)   'Legion': Who Is the Shadow King? (Collider)
23-03-17 (14:27)   The SpoilerTV Daily Newsreel - 23rd March 2017 *Updated* (Spoiler TV)
23-03-17 (10:57)   Watch Legion Online: Season 1 Episode 7 (TV Fanatic)
23-03-17 (08:03)   'Legion' Season Finale Preview: You're Gods (AceShowbiz.com)
23-03-17 (07:22)   TV Review: Legion - Season 1, Episode 7 - "Chapter 7" (JoBlo.com)
23-03-17 (07:14)   Legion: "Chapter 7" Review (IGN.com)
23-03-17 (05:59)   'Legion' Recap: David Strikes Back Against The Shadow King (BuddyTV)
23-03-17 (05:56)   It's time to wake up from the dream on this week's Legion (Blastr.com)
23-03-17 (05:28)   Legion Reveals the X-Men Movie Connection You've Been Waiting For (TVGuide.com)
23-03-17 (05:25)   Legion: Chapter 7 ? Did David Finally Solve For X? (Screen Rant)
23-03-17 (05:16)   Legion Episode 8 "Chapter 8" Promo (Season Finale) (Spoilers Guide)
23-03-17 (05:00)   Legion Confronts the Shadow King and David's Own Past (Comic Book Resources)
23-03-17 (05:00)   Legion Finally Makes That Key X-Men Link We've Been Waiting For (Comic Book Resources)
23-03-17 (04:28)   'Legion' Recap: "Chapter 7" - Out of the Shadows (Collider)
23-03-17 (04:20)   Legion Recap: Out, Patient! (TVLine)
23-03-17 (04:13)   Legion - Chapter 7 - Review: "I'm Coming For You Baby" + POLL (Spoiler TV)
23-03-17 (04:13)   Legion Recap: Bow to the King (Vulture)
23-03-17 (04:07)   LEGION Recap: Chapter 7 (Nerdist)
23-03-17 (04:00)   How Is Legion's Villain Connected to the X-Men? (IGN.com)
23-03-17 (01:45)   Legends of Tomorrow Spoilers: EP shares first look at Legion of Doom HQ [PHOTO] (Spoilers Guide)
23-03-17 (01:44)   STV Podcast 145 - Legion, Walking Dead and more (Spoiler TV)
23-03-17 (00:56)   Legends of Tomorrow Image Reveals Legion of Doom Headquarters (Screen Rant)
22-03-17 (22:29)   Legends of Tomorrow's Legion of Doom Headquarters Looks Mighty Familiar (Comic Book Resources)
22-03-17 (21:01)   An Interesting Theory about Legion's David Haller (TVOvermind)
22-03-17 (19:42)   Legends of Tomorrow 'Doomworld' Trailer: The Legion Rewrites Reality (Screen Rant)
22-03-17 (17:58)   Legion - Episode 1.07 - Chapter 7 - Promotional Photos, Promo + Synposis (Spoiler TV)
22-03-17 (06:47)   Legends of Tomorrow: Team Meets J.R.R. Tolkien. Mick Joins Legion. (TVOvermind)
22-03-17 (04:59)   'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: How Does Captain Cold Join the Legion of Doom? (BuddyTV)
21-03-17 (21:28)   One Beauty And The Beast Scene Dan Stevens Is Really Proud Of (Cinemabled)
21-03-17 (18:32)   Fan-Owned Legion M Launches New Crowdfunding Round (Deadline.com)
21-03-17 (04:13)   Quote of the Week - Week of March 12 (Spoiler TV)
20-03-17 (17:38)   Thrawn Attacks in STAR WARS REBELS Season Finale Trailer and More TV News (Nerdist)
20-03-17 (14:59)   Dan Stevens' daughter helped create Emma Watson's 'Beauty and the Beast' dress (Mashable)
19-03-17 (18:58)   Scene Of The Week - March 19, 2017 + POLL (Spoiler TV)
19-03-17 (17:27)   7 Word Review - 12 Mar to 18 Mar - Review your shows in 7 words (Spoiler TV)
19-03-17 (14:46)   The Shadow King: Visit the Astral Plane to Meet Legion's Villain (Comic Book Resources)
19-03-17 (01:26)   Five shows and movies to stream this week: 'Legion,' 'Girls,' and more (Digital Trends)
18-03-17 (16:49)   TVLine's Performer of the Week: Legion's Aubrey Plaza (TVLine)
18-03-17 (13:13)   Picture That - Review the weeks TV with an Image, Meme or GIF - 18th Mar 2017 (Spoiler TV)
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16-03-17 (12:16)   James Corden, Luke Evans, Josh Gad and Dan Stevens Perform Beauty and the Beast as a Crosswalk Musical (E! Online)
16-03-17 (11:59)   James Corden makes a stunning Belle in a 'Beauty and the Beast' crosswalk musical (Mashable)
16-03-17 (10:57)   Watch Legion Online: Season 1 Episode 6 (TV Fanatic)
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08-03-17 (00:11)   Patrick Stewart teases Professor X in Deadpool 2, openness to Legion cameo (Blastr.com)

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