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22-02-18 (08:31)   Legion Season 2 - "No Secrets" International Promo (Spoilers Guide)
21-02-18 (06:51)   New 'Legion' Season 2 Teaser Features Aubrey Plaza As Doctor Busker (Comicbook.com)
21-02-18 (02:53)   Lenny promises it's all in your head in Legion Season 2 teaser (Syfy Wire)
20-02-18 (22:52)   'Legion' Season 2: Aubrey Plaza Wants You To Know That You're Delusional ? Watch (IndieWire)
20-02-18 (22:27)   Legion - Season 2 - Teaser Promos, Key Art + Premiere Date (Spoiler TV)
20-02-18 (22:19)   VIDEO: In creepy new "Legion" season 2 promo, star Aubrey Plaza wants you to know it's all in your head (Inside the Magic)
20-02-18 (22:07)   LEGION Season 2 Teaser Says Nothing We Saw in Season 1 Was Real (Nerdist)
20-02-18 (21:39)   Legion Season 2 Promo Reminds You That You're Delusional (ComingSoon.com)
20-02-18 (21:08)   Aubrey Plaza gets inside your head in Legionáseason 2 promo (EW.com)
20-02-18 (20:41)   LEGION: Aubrey Plaza Is Back In Session As Doctor Lenny Busker In This Latest Season 2 Promo (Comic Book Movie)
20-02-18 (20:37)   Aubrey Plaza warns that nothing is what it seems in Legion Season 2 promo (JoBlo.com)
20-02-18 (20:16)   Let Aubrey Plaza Drive You Mad in First 'Legion' Season 2 Promo (ScreenCrush)
20-02-18 (15:07)   Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion review for PS4, PS Vita (Gaming Age Online)
19-02-18 (17:58)   Pitch Your Show - Olympics Edition - Part D (Spoiler TV)
14-02-18 (21:05)   Lenovo Legion Y720 Review (SlashGear)
13-02-18 (17:13)   Latest from TVLine - Various Shows - 13th February 2018 (Spoiler TV)
13-02-18 (17:03)   Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Once, H50, Legends, Sabrina, Chicago Fire, Legion, SEAL Team, The Middle and More (TVLine)
12-02-18 (14:44)   Permission Begins As a Rom-Com and Turns Into a Rom-Squirm (Vulture)
11-02-18 (22:09)   These Arrowverse Actors Have A Great Idea For A New Series (Gizmodo)
11-02-18 (19:51)   'Legion' Season 2 To Have More Dance Involved (Comicbook.com)
11-02-18 (18:28)   Rebecca Hall and Dan Stevens on 'Permission', 'Legion' Season 2, and 'Holmes & Watson' (Collider)
11-02-18 (06:51)   'Arrow' Villains Pitched a Legion of Doom Sitcom (Comicbook.com)
11-02-18 (02:36)   'Supergirl': Is The Legion's Real Mission to Save Supergirl? (Comicbook.com)
10-02-18 (18:51)   Star Wars: Legion Command Cards Preview Released (Comicbook.com)
10-02-18 (10:56)   Lenovo Legion Y720 Tower review: A mid-range gaming PC for everyone (Neowin.net)
10-02-18 (04:06)   Fallen Legion for Nintendo Switch's Release Dates Announced for North America and Europe (DualShockers)
09-02-18 (22:24)   Arrowverse star wanted a Legion of Doom sitcom, which could've been amazing (Syfy Wire)
07-02-18 (22:36)   Marvel's acclaimed drama "Legion" sets second season premiere date (Inside the Magic)
07-02-18 (21:47)   FX Sets Premiere Date for Legion Season 2 (TVOvermind)
06-02-18 (23:33)   'Legion' Season 2 Premiere Date Set For April (SlashFilm)
06-02-18 (21:51)   'Legion' Season 2 Synopsis Released (Comicbook.com)
06-02-18 (21:24)   Infinite and world-ending power looms in Legion Season 2 premiere date and key art (Syfy Wire)
06-02-18 (21:03)   TVLine Items: Legion Season 2 Date, Seinfeld Vet Visits Sheldon and More (TVLine)
06-02-18 (20:21)   Legion Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed for FX Series (Seriable)
06-02-18 (19:55)   'Legion' Season 2 Premiering April 3 on FX (Marvel.com)
06-02-18 (19:43)   Legion Season 2 Premiere Date Announced (IGN.com)
06-02-18 (19:39)   Legion Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed (ComingSoon.com)
06-02-18 (19:37)   Legionáseason 2 lands April premiere date on FX (EW.com)
06-02-18 (19:28)   Legion Season 2 Finally Gets a Premiere Date (TVGuide.com)
06-02-18 (19:13)   'Legion' Season 2 Premiere Date Set for Spring (Collider)
06-02-18 (19:12)   LEGION Season 2 Banner Reveals Premiere Date; Confirms That David Haller Is Still On The Missing List (Comic Book Movie)
06-02-18 (19:05)   'Legion' Season 2 Release Date Revealed (Comicbook.com)
06-02-18 (19:03)   'Legion' Gets Season 2 Premiere Date On FX (Deadline.com)
06-02-18 (19:02)   'Legion' Season 2 Books April Premiere With Trippy First Photo (ScreenCrush)
06-02-18 (18:55)   FX Sets Premiere Date for Second Season of "Legion" (The Futon Critic)
06-02-18 (18:47)   This Legion Season 2 Sneak Peak Unites the two Shadow Kings (TVOvermind)
01-02-18 (16:42)   Legion: Here's Your First Look at Season 2 (TVGuide.com)
01-02-18 (04:05)   X-Men Legend Chris Claremont Praises 'Legion' (Comicbook.com)
01-02-18 (02:47)   Superhero Bits: First Look at 'Legion' Season 2, 'Wonder Woman 2' Shoots This Summer & More (SlashFilm)
31-01-18 (21:27)   LEGION: David Haller And Friends Return In The First Footage And Stills From The Upcoming Second Season (Comic Book Movie)
31-01-18 (20:16)   First Look at 'Legion' Season 2, 'Archer' and 'Anarchy' Spinoff in FX 2018 Promo (ScreenCrush)
31-01-18 (20:07)   'Legion' Season 2 First Footage Debuts, and Aubrey Plaza and Jemaine Clement are Up to No Good - Watch (IndieWire)
31-01-18 (19:38)   FX's 2018 sizzle reel offers first look at Legion Season 2 (Syfy Wire)
31-01-18 (19:37)   Legionáseason 2 footage debuts in FX's 2018 trailer (EW.com)
31-01-18 (17:05)   'Legion' Season 2 First Look Released (Comicbook.com)
30-01-18 (23:58)   Coming To FX 2018 - Various Shows Promo (Spoiler TV)
30-01-18 (03:22)   'Supergirl': "For Good" Reveals That the Legion of Super-Heroes Will Fight SPOILER (Comicbook.com)
29-01-18 (22:39)   Re-Legion is like Syndicate with cults instead of corporations (PC Gamer)
29-01-18 (04:05)   'Supergirl': Is the Legion of Super-Heroes Setting Up for a Timeline Reset? (Comicbook.com)
25-01-18 (02:00)   Legion #1 Review (IGN.com)
24-01-18 (19:05)   Review: 'Legion' #1 Provides a Perfect Introduction to a Convoluted Character (Comicbook.com)
23-01-18 (20:22)   5 Reasons Why We're Excited for Legion's Return (Comicbook.com)
23-01-18 (01:01)   Supergirl S3E10 Review: "Legion of Superheroes" (TVOvermind)
22-01-18 (21:10)   Lenovo Legion Y920 Tower review: A powerful desktop for true gamers (Neowin.net)
20-01-18 (00:41)   Flashback Friday: Legion (Marvel.com)
19-01-18 (05:20)   Arrow Recap: Did the Team Reunite to Fight the Legion of Cayden James? (TVLine)
18-01-18 (22:44)   Supergirl - Legion of Superheroes - Review: The furniture we choose (Spoiler TV)
17-01-18 (18:53)   While Supergirl sleeps the Legion of Superheroes picks up the slack (Hotchka)
17-01-18 (15:05)   Legion Season One Comes to Blu-ray and DVD March 27 (Marvelousnews.com)
17-01-18 (03:27)   UNBOXING: TEEN TITANS Themed DC Legion Of Collectors Box (January 2018) (Comic Book Movie)
17-01-18 (02:58)   UNBOXING: TEEN TITANS Themed DC Legion Of Collectors (January 2018) (Comic Book Movie)
16-01-18 (23:19)   Acclaimed "X-Men" spinoff series "Legion" coming to Blu-ray with exclusive book in March (Inside the Magic)
16-01-18 (22:24)   Supergirl just name-dropped another Legion of Super-Heroes team member (Syfy Wire)
16-01-18 (20:14)   World of WarcraftáGets Level Scaling Today (Kotaku)
16-01-18 (18:38)   Supergirl is still comatose for most of episode 310. Luckily the Legion of Super-Heroes is there to help! (Syfy Wire)
16-01-18 (04:14)   'Supergirl' Winter Premiere Recap: Can the Legion Take Down Reign? (BuddyTV)
16-01-18 (04:12)   Supergirl Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Legion of Superheroes (TV Fanatic)
16-01-18 (03:14)   Supergirl: "Legion of Super-Heroes" Review (IGN.com)
16-01-18 (03:13)   POLL : What did you think of Supergirl - Legion of Superheroes? (Spoiler TV)
16-01-18 (03:05)   'Supergirl': Did "Legion of Super-Heroes" Just Hint at Reign's Redemption? (Comicbook.com)
16-01-18 (03:05)   'Supergirl' Recap With Spoilers: "Legion of Super-Heroes" (Comicbook.com)
16-01-18 (03:05)   5 Essential Legion of Super-Heroes Stories to Read After Tonight's 'Supergirl' (Comicbook.com)
16-01-18 (02:36)   'Supergirl' References Another Legionnaire in "Legion of Super-Heroes" (Comicbook.com)
15-01-18 (22:31)   Supergirl Season 3 Episode 10 "Legion of Super-Heroes" Sneak Peek #2 (Spoilers Guide)
15-01-18 (21:13)   Supergirl - Episode 3.10 - Legion of Super-Heroes - Promos, Sneak Peeks, Promotional Photos & Press Release (Spoiler TV)
15-01-18 (08:16)   Supergirl Spoilers: EPs preview midseason premiere 'Legion of Super-Heroes' (Spoilers Guide)
13-01-18 (20:45)   Supergirl Season 3 Episode 10 "Legion of Super-Heroes" Sneak Peek #1 (Spoilers Guide)
13-01-18 (20:25)   Re-Legion is a cyberpunk RTS about cults, published by team behind IL-2 Sturmovik (PC Gamer)
12-01-18 (23:51)   'Supergirl': The Legion of Super-Heroes Battle Reign in New Clip (Comicbook.com)
12-01-18 (20:37)   Supergirl sneak peek: The Legion of Super-Heroes face off with Reign (EW.com)
11-01-18 (10:58)   Meet The Legion Of Superheros In This Extended Promo For SUPERGIRL's Upcoming Return (Comic Book Movie)
10-01-18 (23:51)   'Supergirl': Legion of Super-Heroes Extended Trailer Released (Comicbook.com)
10-01-18 (22:07)   Supergirl gets help from the Legion of Super-Heroes in extended trailer (Syfy Wire)
10-01-18 (20:57)   Supergirl Trailer: The Legion of Superheroes Assemble! (TV Fanatic)
10-01-18 (20:42)   'Supergirl' Mid-Season Premiere Trailer Calls in Brainiac-5 and the Legion of Superheroes (Collider)
10-01-18 (20:34)   Supergirl Assembles the Legion of Super-Heroes in Action-Packed Trailer (TVLine)
10-01-18 (19:08)   Supergirl's Legion of Super-Heroes Extended Trailer Debuts (ComingSoon.com)
09-01-18 (18:57)   Supergirl's Legion of Superheroes Suits Up in Stunning Photos (TVGuide.com)
09-01-18 (17:27)   SUPERGIRL: Saturn Girl & Brainiac-5 Suit Up In New Photos From Season 3, Episode 10: "Legion of Superheroes" (Comic Book Movie)
09-01-18 (08:45)   Supergirl Season 3 Episode 10 "Legion of Super-Heroes" Extended Promo (Spoilers Guide)
09-01-18 (04:31)   Supergirl Season 3 Episode 10 "Legion of Superheroes" Photos (Spoilers Guide)
09-01-18 (00:54)   This player soloed a boss in WoW: Legion's last raid and it only took him a quick 8 hours (PC Gamer)
09-01-18 (00:36)   Ahead of Their 'Supergirl' Debut, 'Atop the Fourth Wall' Looks at the Legion of Super-Heroes (Comicbook.com)
08-01-18 (23:07)   First look at Mon-El's Legion of Super-Heroes suit and ring on Supergirl (Syfy Wire)
08-01-18 (22:54)   Legion of Super-Heroes Photos from the New Supergirl Episode (ComingSoon.com)
08-01-18 (20:51)   'Supergirl': Legion Of Super-Heroes Photos Reveal New Look At Saturn Girl's Costume (Comicbook.com)
08-01-18 (18:41)   SUPERGIRL: First Official Look At Chris Wood's Mon-El In His New Legion Of Superheroes Costume (Comic Book Movie)
08-01-18 (18:22)   New 'Supergirl' Photo Gives Best Look Yet at Mon-El's Legion of Super-Heroes Costume (Comicbook.com)
08-01-18 (18:03)   'Supergirl' Offers First-Look At Chris Wood As Mon-El In New Legion Uniform (Deadline.com)
08-01-18 (18:03)   Supergirl First Look: Mon-El Suits Up, Joins the Legion of Super-Heroes (TVLine)
06-01-18 (19:53)   The Legion of Superheroes suits up to save Supergirl (Syfy Wire)
06-01-18 (17:54)   Get a First Look at the Legion of Super-Heroes in New Supergirl Promo (ComingSoon.com)
06-01-18 (16:05)   'Legion' Season 2 Will Have a Time Jump (Comicbook.com)
06-01-18 (02:38)   Noah Hawley on his magical Doctor Doom script, Cat's Cradle, and Pale Blue Dot (Syfy Wire)
06-01-18 (02:04)   Superhero Bits: Bryan Singer Removed from Legion, Possible Return of Agent 13 & More (SlashFilm)
06-01-18 (02:00)   X-Men Director Bryan Singer Removed as Legion EP (IGN.com)
06-01-18 (01:10)   'Legion': Get Ready for the Shadow King's True Face in Season 2 (Marvel.com)
05-01-18 (23:38)   What Amahl Farouk's new look means for Legion's second season (Syfy Wire)
05-01-18 (22:58)   Bryan Singer Dropped As LEGION Executive Producer Amid Sexual Assault Allegations (Comic Book Movie)
05-01-18 (22:57)   FX at TCA: Legion Gets April Premiere Date, Fargo Renewed & More!! (TV Fanatic)
05-01-18 (22:45)   Bryan Singer Removed as FX 'Legion' Producer, 'The Gifted' to Follow (ScreenCrush)
05-01-18 (22:44)   Bryan Singer Dropped as Legion EP Following Sexual Assault Allegation (Vulture)
05-01-18 (22:38)   LEGION's David Haller Might Become a Villain in Season 2 (Nerdist)
05-01-18 (22:38)   Legion executive producer confirms Bryan Singer is not involved in Season 2 (Syfy Wire)
05-01-18 (22:37)   FX's Legion Season 2 set for April release, Singer removed from credits (JoBlo.com)
05-01-18 (22:08)   Bryan Singer removed from FX's Legion (EW.com)
05-01-18 (22:05)   Bryan Singer Dropped as 'Legion' Executive Producer Amidst Allegations (Comicbook.com)
05-01-18 (21:36)   'Legion' Season 2: Navid Negahban Announced As New Shadow King (Comicbook.com)
05-01-18 (21:33)   'Legion' Season 2 Will Feature a Big Time Jump [TCA 2018] (SlashFilm)
05-01-18 (21:32)   Bryan Singer Removed As Exec Producer On FX's 'Legion' Amid Allegations (Deadline.com)
05-01-18 (21:17)   The Intrigue Of 'Legion's Season 2 Lies With Aubrey Plaza's Lenny Busker - TCA (Deadline.com)
05-01-18 (21:03)   Legion Adds Homeland Alum Navid Negahban in Season 2 Villain Recast (TVLine)
05-01-18 (20:55)   Mind Games: A Legion Sketchbook (Marvel.com)
05-01-18 (20:38)   Here's When LEGION, ATLANTA, AMERICAN CRIME STORY and More Will Premiere (Nerdist)
05-01-18 (20:36)   'Legion' Season 2 Premiering in April (Comicbook.com)
05-01-18 (20:27)   Legion - Season 2 - Navid Negahban Cast as Amahl Farouk, Returning in April + TCA Teases (Spoiler TV)
05-01-18 (18:37)   Fallen Legion+ Bundles Two Games Together on PC; Launches with an Engaging Gameplay Trailer (DualShockers)
05-01-18 (02:27)   ARROW: Cayden James Assembles His Legion Of Doom In New Photos From Season 6, Episode 10: "Divided" (Comic Book Movie)
29-12-17 (10:10)   Legion: Trauma (Marvel.com)
29-12-17 (04:02)   Supergirl Season 3 Episode 10 "Legion of Superheroes" Guide (Spoilers Guide)
28-12-17 (22:51)   'Supergirl': Legion of Superheroes Synopsis Released (Comicbook.com)
27-12-17 (17:09)   Lenovo Legion Y720 Tower review: Midrange price, but big power to the gamer (On MSFT)
24-12-17 (19:13)   7 Word Review - The 2017 Round-up - Review your shows in 7 words (Spoiler TV)
23-12-17 (13:44)   Picture That - Review the years TV with an Image, Meme or GIF - 2017 Review (Spoiler TV)
20-12-17 (13:37)   Ozarkáand Legion are two of the most underappreciated TV shows of 2017 (EW.com)
19-12-17 (21:24)   Lethal Legion: An Avengers Sketchbook (Marvel.com)
15-12-17 (12:09)   Fallen Legion Drops Onto Switch In 2018 With The Rise To Glory collection (Nintendo Life)
14-12-17 (22:09)   Fallen Legion Drops Onto Switch In 2018 With The Rise Of Glory collection (Nintendo Life)
14-12-17 (19:37)   NISA Announces Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory for Nintendo Switch (DualShockers)
14-12-17 (03:25)   'Top Gun meets Gundam' in Blazing Legion: Ignition (PC Gamer)
11-12-17 (22:25)   World of Warcraft: Legion's final boss is so tough, even its best guilds can't beat him (PC Gamer)
11-12-17 (16:14)   The Legion of Doom Explained (IGN.com)
08-12-17 (21:00)   DC's Legion of Doom Explained (IGN.com)
06-12-17 (18:38)   The Best Films and Shows the Golden Globes Should Nominate This Year (Nerdist)
05-12-17 (19:52)   Fallen Legion+ to Bundle the PS4 and PS Vita Releases on PC Next Year (DualShockers)
05-12-17 (16:57)   The Legion of Superheroes Emerge in This Supergirl Teaser (TVGuide.com)
05-12-17 (16:39)   The Legion of Super-Heroes Assemble in New Supergirl Trailer! (ComingSoon.com)
05-12-17 (05:45)   Supergirl Season 3 Episode 10 "Legion of Super-Heroes" Promo (Spoilers Guide)
05-12-17 (04:36)   The "Legion of Super-Heroes" Assemble In 'Supergirl' Midseason Premiere Promo (Comicbook.com)
05-12-17 (03:27)   SUPERGIRL: Kara Really Needs To Wake Up In The New Promo For Season 3, Episode 10: "Legion of Super-Heroes" (Comic Book Movie)
05-12-17 (02:51)   'Supergirl': Kara's Connection to the Legion of Super-Heroes Revealed In "Reign" (Comicbook.com)
04-12-17 (22:22)   Reign, Legion of Super-Heroes, and a Love Triangle in 'Supergirl' Midseason Finale Featurette (Comicbook.com)
04-12-17 (19:22)   Supergirl sneak peek: The Legion of Super-Heroes revealed! (EW.com)
04-12-17 (19:12)   The 10 Villains that DC And Warner Bros. Should Use For The DCEU's LEGION OF DOOM (Comic Book Movie)
01-12-17 (19:46)   'Permission' Trailer: Rebecca Hall, Dan Stevens & That Nagging Monogamy (Deadline.com)
30-11-17 (02:04)   Superhero Bits: Legion of Doom, Weapon H Comic, Infinity War Deaths & More (SlashFilm)
29-11-17 (12:58)   WONDER WOMAN Actor Sa´d Taghmaoui Departs LEGION Season 2; Shadow King Role To Be Recast (Comic Book Movie)
29-11-17 (12:32)   Blazing Legion: Ignition's mech action looks ace (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
29-11-17 (11:27)   RUMOR: The DC Films Universe May Introduce The Legion Of Doom Over The Course Of Several Movies (Comic Book Movie)
29-11-17 (03:33)   Superhero Bits: Said Taghmaoui Leaving 'Legion', 'Deadpool' Creator Wants Zack Snyder's 'Justice League' & More (SlashFilm)
28-11-17 (22:20)   TVLine Items: Legion's Season 2 Baddie Exits, Drunk History Trailer and More (TVLine)
28-11-17 (21:51)   'Wonder Woman' Star Exits 'Legion' Season 2 (Comicbook.com)
28-11-17 (21:16)   'Legion' Needs a New Shadow King After 'Wonder Woman' Star's Exit (ScreenCrush)
28-11-17 (20:27)   Legion - Season 2 - Sa´d Taghmaoui Exits as Amahl Farouk + Episode Order Increased *Updated* (Spoiler TV)
28-11-17 (20:08)   Antorus, The Burning Throne, the final raid in WoW: Legion, opens today (PC Gamer)
27-11-17 (21:01)   Legion Season 2: What we Know So Far (TVOvermind)
24-11-17 (18:59)   Dan Stevens on 'The Man Who Invented Christmas', 'Legion' Season 2, and Gareth Evans' 'Apostle' (Collider)
22-11-17 (23:32)   'Man Who Invented Christmas' Review: Dan Stevens & Christopher Plummer Turn Scrooge Origin Tale Into A Holiday Treat (Deadline.com)
22-11-17 (20:44)   The Man Who Invented Christmas Is a Sweet Story About the Making of a Classic (Vulture)
21-11-17 (23:51)   Dan Stevens says The Man Who Invented Christmas takes Dickens 'off the pedestal' (EW.com)
21-11-17 (21:13)   Dan Stevens's 10 Favorite Books (Vulture)
20-11-17 (17:45)   'Supergirl' Interview: Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh on Mon-El's Return and the Legion of Super-Heroes (BuddyTV)
20-11-17 (06:45)   Supergirl Spoilers: Stars preview Legion's arrival, Mon-El/Kara's reunion (Spoilers Guide)
19-11-17 (21:03)   Supergirl Stars Tease Kara and Mon-El's Uneasy Reunion, the Legion's Arrival (TVLine)
16-11-17 (02:58)   UNBOXING: JUSTICE LEAGUE Hero Themed DC Legion Of Collectors Box (November 2017) (Comic Book Movie)
16-11-17 (00:05)   Katie McGrath Says the Legion of Super-Heroes is a "Massive" Part of 'Supergirl' Season 3 (Comicbook.com)
15-11-17 (02:53)   The Exorcist: Legion VR Releases a New Trailer, Coming to PSVR (PlayStation LifeStyle)
14-11-17 (09:31)   Supergirl Spoilers: Star teases Kara & Mon-El's reunion, Legion's arrival on 'Wake Up' (Spoilers Guide)
09-11-17 (22:38)   Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion Comes to PS4 in December (PlayStation LifeStyle)
08-11-17 (18:44)   Signed Falcon from Marvel The Avengers (Anthony Mackie) funko pop Giveaway (Spoiler TV)
07-11-17 (20:07)   The Legion of Super-Heroes Will Have a Big Impact on SUPERGIRL This Season (Nerdist)
06-11-17 (16:41)   SUPERGIRL Season 3 Casts Legion Of Super-Heroes Character Brainiac 5 (Comic Book Movie)
06-11-17 (15:36)   'Supergirl' Casts Jesse Rath As Brainiac 5 Of The Legion Of Super-Heroes (Comicbook.com)
06-11-17 (15:20)   Supergirl Casts the Legion's Brainiac 5 With Defiance Alum Jesse Rath (TVLine)
02-11-17 (21:25)   Legion TD 2 launch trailer showcases competitive, team-based tower defense action (PC Gamer)
01-11-17 (19:14)   NFL: How Deshaun Watson took on Seattle's 'Legion of Boom' (BBC News)
31-10-17 (03:22)   Supergirl: Was That The Legion of Super-Heroes? (Comicbook.com)
25-10-17 (23:51)   Did Joe Manganiello Already Tease the Legion of Doom for 'Deathstroke'? (Comicbook.com)
24-10-17 (19:00)   Marvel Introduces a New Lethal Legion in Avengers: No Surrender Art (Comic Book Resources)
24-10-17 (18:52)   Marvel Introduces a New Lethal Legion in Avengers: No Surrender Art (CBR.com)
21-10-17 (01:00)   Sherlock Frankenstein & the Legion of Evil #1 Is a Tribute To Creativity (Comic Book Resources)
21-10-17 (00:52)   Sherlock Frankenstein & the Legion of Evil #1 Is a Tribute To Creativity (CBR.com)
16-10-17 (01:17)   French President Macron Starts Process To Strip Harvey Weinstein Of Legion D'Honneur (Deadline.com)
15-10-17 (23:47)   Macron seeks to strip Harvey Weinstein of Legion of Honor award (Politico.eu)
15-10-17 (21:53)   Harvey Weinstein to be Stripped of French Legion of Honor (TMZ.com)
14-10-17 (20:10)   France considers revoking Weinstein's Legion of Honour (Reuters)
07-10-17 (01:24)   Legion: Journey into the Mind (Marvel.com)
07-10-17 (01:22)   Marvel Shares First Details About Its New Gambit, Rogue, and Legion Series (Comicbook.com)
06-10-17 (21:22)   Could the Legion of Doom Be Part of 'Justice League'? (Comicbook.com)
06-10-17 (18:23)   Marvel's Legion, Rogue & Gambit Creative Teams Revealed (CBR.com)
06-10-17 (18:15)   Marvel's Legion, Rogue & Gambit Creative Teams Revealed (Comic Book Resources)
04-10-17 (20:42)   Legion's David Haller is Getting a New Comic Book Series in 2018 (Screen Rant)
04-10-17 (17:23)   Marvel Teases New Legion Comic (CBR.com)
04-10-17 (17:15)   Marvel Teases New Legion Comic (Comic Book Resources)
04-10-17 (00:42)   Will The X-Men TV Shows Actually Introduce The X-Men? (Screen Rant)
03-10-17 (08:11)   The X-Men TV Shows Are Killing It (Screen Rant)
27-09-17 (13:05)   Legion raises $10.5M to roll out an automated employee scheduling tool (TechCrunch)
26-09-17 (01:45)   Supergirl Just Cast A Founding Member Of The Legion Of Super-Heroes (Cinemabled)
26-09-17 (00:31)   'Supergirl' Season 3 Gets New Trailer, Photos and First 'Legion'-naire (ScreenCrush)
25-09-17 (23:23)   Supergirl Adds Legion of Super-Heroes' Saturn Girl for Season 3 (CBR.com)
25-09-17 (23:15)   Supergirl Adds Legion of Super-Heroes' Saturn Girl for Season 3 (Comic Book Resources)
25-09-17 (16:03)   FX+ Adds 'Legion' And 14 Other Programs; Cox Contour To Carry Service (Deadline.com)
21-09-17 (20:02)   The 'Legion of Brothers' that routed the Taliban (CNN.com)
19-09-17 (22:58)   UNBOXING: "Most Wanted" Villain-Themed DC Legion Of Collectors Box (September 2017) (Comic Book Movie)
16-09-17 (20:22)   Could the Legion of Super-Heroes Be This Year's Arrowverse Crossover? (Comicbook.com)
14-09-17 (19:29)   Legion Of Doom: 20 Arrowverse Villains Ranked From Worst To Best (Comic Book Resources)
14-09-17 (19:23)   Legion Of Doom: 20 Arrowverse Villains Ranked From Worst To Best (CBR.com)
11-09-17 (22:08)   Get a Lenovo Legion Y520 gaming laptop with GTX 1060 for $950 (PC Gamer)
06-09-17 (14:07)   Dan Stevens is Charles Dickens in THE MAN WHO INVENTED CHRISTMAS (Nerdist)
06-09-17 (11:03)   In Praise Of World Of Warcraft: Legion (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
06-09-17 (01:02)   'The Man Who Invented Christmas' Trailer: Dan Stevens Is Bewigged Yet Again as Charles Dickens (ScreenCrush)
05-09-17 (20:51)   Dan Stevens is Charles Dickens in The Man Who Invented Christmasátrailer (EW.com)
05-09-17 (19:46)   'The Man Who Invented Christmas' Trailer: Dan Stevens Stars As Charles Dickens (Deadline.com)
31-08-17 (02:10)   World of Warcraft: Legion ? Shadows of Argus Trailer (GameSpot)
23-08-17 (19:06)   LIVE STREAM: Donald Trump Speech at American Legion Convention (Heavy.com)
22-08-17 (01:52)   gamescom 2017: Lenovo announces new Legion gaming towers powered by Windows 10 (The Windows Blog)
21-08-17 (19:06)   New Legion Gaming Towers From Lenovo Are VR-Ready (Ubergizmo)
21-08-17 (16:04)   Forget Coffee Lake: Lenovo Reveals New Legion Desktops With Kaby Lake CPUs (Toms Hardware Guide)
21-08-17 (15:54)   Gamescom 2017: Lenovo launches three new Legion gaming towers (On MSFT)
21-08-17 (15:05)   Lenovo expands its legion of gaming desktops (TechRadar)
18-08-17 (21:48)   Fantasy Flight Announces New Miniatures Game, Star Wars: Legion (GameInformer.com)
18-08-17 (21:05)   Fantasy Flight Announces Star Wars: Legion (Comicbook.com)
18-08-17 (20:33)   Cardboard Cinema: 'Star Wars: Legion' Miniatures Game Coming in 2018 (SlashFilm)
18-08-17 (14:07)   After a COLOSSAL First Year, Legion M Looks to the Future (Nerdist)
16-08-17 (20:39)   Join PC Gamer at the Lenovo Legion Lounge at PAX West (PC Gamer)
15-08-17 (19:00)   Supergirl's Fatal Five Aren't the Legion Villains You Might've Expected (Comic Book Resources)
15-08-17 (18:52)   Supergirl's Fatal Five Aren't the Legion Villains You Might've Expected (CBR.com)
15-08-17 (05:36)   Legion: Ptonomy May Be Young But Has The Calm of A Much Older Man (Comicbook.com)
14-08-17 (06:36)   Legion: Jean Smart Shares Her Approach To A Caretaker Role (Comicbook.com)
13-08-17 (06:22)   Legion: Jeremie Harris Explains How Ptonomy's Past Trauma Shapes Storylines (Comicbook.com)
12-08-17 (00:00)   DiDio & Lee on Legion of Super-Heroes Status, Arkham Asylum 2 and More (Comic Book Resources)
11-08-17 (23:52)   DiDio & Lee on Legion of Super-Heroes Status, Arkham Asylum 2 and More (CBR.com)
10-08-17 (16:40)   Lenovo Legion Y920 Review: A top of the line gaming laptop for the PC Master Race (On MSFT)
10-08-17 (01:51)   Legion: Lauren Shuler Donner Says Series Creator Threw Out The Comics (Comicbook.com)
09-08-17 (07:51)   Legion: Jean Smart Says Filming With Jemaine Clement Was Emotionally Difficult (Comicbook.com)
09-08-17 (04:00)   The Newsboy Legion and The Boy Commandos Special #1 (Comic Book Resources)
09-08-17 (03:52)   The Newsboy Legion and The Boy Commandos Special #1 (CBR.com)
08-08-17 (05:36)   Legion: Aubrey Plaza Talks Dancing, If It Will Be Back In Season 2 (Comicbook.com)
07-08-17 (22:08)   Jean Smart on her very scary new movie: 'If you live alone it might be tough to watch' (EW.com)
07-08-17 (03:36)   Legion And The Gifted Are Not In Same Universe As X-Men Movies (Comicbook.com)
06-08-17 (15:58)   Will FX Deliver LEGION's Iconic Hair And Classic X-MEN Costumes In Season 2? (Comic Book Movie)
06-08-17 (15:11)   Legion Season 2 Will Include X-Men Costumes & Locations (Screen Rant)
05-08-17 (04:36)   Legion: Dan Stevens Says More 'Entities Within David' To Be Revealed In Season 2 (Comicbook.com)
03-08-17 (20:05)   Legion Season 2 Will Feature Iconic X-Men Costumes, Locations, and Hairstyles (Comicbook.com)
01-08-17 (01:22)   Watch Jim Lee Explain What's Going On With the Legion of Super-Heroes (Comicbook.com)
29-07-17 (07:01)   Five New Reveals about Legion Season 2 To Get You Pumped (TVOvermind)
27-07-17 (19:28)   POTUS Tells Cheering American Legion Students at White House: 'Never Give Up' (Breitbart.com)
27-07-17 (18:07)   Four Chinese VR Games Confirmed for Western Release (PlayStation LifeStyle)
27-07-17 (03:05)   Legion Creator Doesn't Know How Long Show Will Continue (Comicbook.com)
26-07-17 (22:23)   WATCH: Trump Speaks to American Legion Boys and Auxiliary Girls Nation (Heavy.com)
26-07-17 (21:36)   Star Trek: Discovery To Be Scored By Legion Composer (Comicbook.com)
26-07-17 (17:29)   SDCC: We Risked Our Sanity In Legion's Virtual Reality Experience (Comic Book Resources)
26-07-17 (17:23)   SDCC: We Risked Our Sanity In Legion's Virtual Reality Experience (CBR.com)
26-07-17 (14:56)   Legion Season 2 Has More Personalities to Dig Out of David's Head (Screen Rant)
26-07-17 (07:22)   Dan Stevens Hints At New Powers, Personalities For Legion (Comicbook.com)
26-07-17 (01:26)   Reality-bending 'Legion' game has what every escape room needs - CNET (C-Net News.com)
22-07-17 (18:58)   Comic-Con 2017 - General Blog - Saturday (Spoiler TV)
22-07-17 (16:18)   Legion of Collectors - Batman: the Animated Series unboxing (July 2017) (Batman-News.com)
22-07-17 (13:45)   The Gifted Spoilers: New mutant series won't crossover with 'Legion', 'X-Men' films (Spoilers Guide)
22-07-17 (03:16)   Doctor Doom is getting a movie by Legion, Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley (TechnoBuffalo)
22-07-17 (02:42)   FOX's The Gifted Won't Crossover With X-Men Movies Or FX's Legion (Screen Rant)
22-07-17 (02:05)   X-Men: The Gifted TV Series Will Not Crossover With Movie Universe or Legion (Comicbook.com)
22-07-17 (00:43)   'Legion' season 2 adds 'Wonder Woman' scene-stealer Sa´d Taghmaoui in a major role (Digital Trends)
21-07-17 (23:51)   Legion Could Feature The Youngest Iteration Of Professor Xavier Yet (Comicbook.com)
21-07-17 (23:26)   'Legion' creator says he's developing a Doctor Doom movie for Fox (Digital Trends)
21-07-17 (20:28)   Will Patrick Stewart Ever Show Up On Legion? Here's What The Lead Actor Says (Cinemabled)
21-07-17 (18:42)   Doctor Doom Movie Will Reportedly Feature Legion's Dan Stevens (Screen Rant)
21-07-17 (18:42)   Legion 'Can't Ever Cross-Over' With the X-Men Movies #SDCC (Screen Rant)
21-07-17 (18:34)   Legion Creator Noah Hawley Developing A Doctor Doom Film - San Diego Comic-Con 2017 (LRM Online)
21-07-17 (18:04)   FX's 'Legion' Mixed Reality Experience Is the Strangest Activation at Comic-Con (Hollywood Reporter)
21-07-17 (18:04)   'Legion' Season 2: A New Villain and Everything Else You Need to Know [Comic-Con 2017] (SlashFilm)
21-07-17 (17:29)   FX's Legion 'Can't Ever' Cross Over With X-Men Films (Comic Book Resources)
21-07-17 (17:23)   FX's Legion 'Can't Ever' Cross Over With X-Men Films (CBR.com)
21-07-17 (17:13)   We Trip on the 'Legion' Mixed Reality Experience at SDCC (Collider)
21-07-17 (16:05)   Dan Stevens May Be Involved With The Doctor Doom Movie (Comicbook.com)
21-07-17 (15:12)   LEGION Actor Dan Stevens Discusses The Possibility Of Patrick Stewart Appearing As Charles Xavier (Comic Book Movie)
21-07-17 (14:43)   Legion Season 2: Episode Order, Big Bad & MORE!! (TV Fanatic)
21-07-17 (10:08)   Fargo and Legion's Noah Hawley to develop a Doctor Doom movie for Fox (JoBlo.com)
21-07-17 (06:14)   'Legion' Casts 'Wonder Woman' Actor Said Taghmaoui for Season 2 (TheWrap.com)
21-07-17 (05:43)   'Legion' Casts 'Wonder Woman' Actor Said Taghmaoui for Season 2 (TheWrap.com)
21-07-17 (05:34)   Comic-Con: 'Doctor Doom' Solo Movie in the Works From 'Legion' Creator (AceShowbiz.com)
21-07-17 (05:28)   Legion Season 2 Has Cast A Wonder Woman Star As Its Main Villain (Cinemabled)
21-07-17 (04:57)   Doctor Doom movie coming from 'Legion' showrunner Noah Hawley - CNET (C-Net News.com)
21-07-17 (04:56)   Legion Season 2 Casts Wonder Woman Actor As The Shadow King (Screen Rant)
21-07-17 (04:43)   Wonder Woman Star to Have Major Role in Legion Season 2 (IGN.com)
21-07-17 (04:31)   'Legion' Season 2 Finds New 'Shadow King' From 'Wonder Woman' (ScreenCrush)
21-07-17 (04:29)   Fox Developing Doctor Doom Movie by Legion/Fargo Creator (Comic Book Resources)
21-07-17 (04:27)   Noah Hawley Is Developing a Doctor Doom Movie at Fox (Vulture)
21-07-17 (04:23)   Fox Developing Doctor Doom Movie by Legion/Fargo Creator (CBR.com)
21-07-17 (04:20)   Legion creator Noah Hawley is working on a Doctor Doom movie (TheVerge)
21-07-17 (04:18)   'Fargo' and 'Legion' Showrunner Noah Hawley Developing 'Doctor Doom' Movie (SlashFilm)
21-07-17 (04:11)   Legion Season 2 Will Be Bigger, and a Wonder Woman Star Will Play Shadow King (TVGuide.com)
21-07-17 (04:07)   LEGION's Noah Hawley Announces DOCTOR DOOM Movie (Nerdist)
21-07-17 (04:00)   'Legion' Showrunner Noah Hawley Sets Up 'Doctor Doom' Film at Fox (TheWrap.com)
21-07-17 (03:58)   WONDER WOMAN Star Sa´d Taghmaoui Joins LEGION Season Two As The Shadow King (Comic Book Movie)
21-07-17 (03:56)   Doctor Doom Movie In Development From Legion's Noah Hawley (Screen Rant)
21-07-17 (03:41)   DOCTOR DOOM Solo Movie In Development At 20th Century Fox With LEGION Creator Noah Hawley (Comic Book Movie)
21-07-17 (03:37)   Doctor Doom movie in the works from Legionácreator (EW.com)
21-07-17 (03:33)   'Legion' Cast, Creator Offer 10 Things to Know About Season 2 (Hollywood Reporter)
21-07-17 (03:29)   Legion Creator Working on Fox Marvel Movie (IGN.com)
21-07-17 (03:29)   Legion: Dan Stevens Asked Patrick Stewart to Guest Star as Prof. X (Comic Book Resources)
21-07-17 (03:29)   Legion Casts Wonder Woman Actor as the Shadow King (Comic Book Resources)
21-07-17 (03:28)   'Legion' Season 2 casts 'Wonder Woman' actor as Shadow King Amahl Farouk (Mashable)
21-07-17 (03:23)   Legion: Dan Stevens Asked Patrick Stewart to Guest Star as Prof. X (CBR.com)
21-07-17 (03:23)   Legion Casts Wonder Woman Actor as the Shadow King (CBR.com)
21-07-17 (03:22)   Legion's Noah Hawley Confirms He's Making A Doctor Doom Movie (Comicbook.com)
21-07-17 (03:20)   Legion Adds Wonder Woman Actor to Play Season 2's Big Bad (TVLine)
21-07-17 (03:08)   Comic-Con: Wonder Woman's Sa´d Taghmaoui is the Shadow King in Legion Season 2 (ComingSoon.com)
21-07-17 (03:05)   Wonder Woman's Said Taghmaoui Playing The Shadow King in Legion Season 2 (Comicbook.com)
21-07-17 (02:46)   Comic-Con: 'Legion' Expands To 10 Episodes For Season 2, Adds Sa´d Taghmaoui To The Cast (Deadline.com)
21-07-17 (02:36)   SDCC17 Legion: Live Blog (Comicbook.com)
21-07-17 (02:36)   Dan Stevens Asked Patrick Stewart To Play Professor Xavier In Legion (Comicbook.com)
21-07-17 (02:29)   SDCC: Legion Screening and Q&A (Comic Book Resources)
21-07-17 (02:23)   SDCC: Legion Screening and Q&A (CBR.com)
21-07-17 (02:08)   Noah Hawley reveals the Legion moment that wasn't in the original script (EW.com)
21-07-17 (01:03)   Legion Cast Drops Season 2 Hints, Confesses to Major Plot Confusion (TVLine)
20-07-17 (17:32)   Comic-Con Photo Gallery: 'Legion' & 'Game Of Thrones' Go Large, 'Stranger Things' & 'Defenders' Take Over Gaslamp In Annual Marketing Blitz (Deadline.com)
19-07-17 (23:38)   Enter to Win a Free Copy of Fallen Legion on PS4 and Vita! (PlayStation LifeStyle)
19-07-17 (15:47)   Batman '66 Meets the Legion of Super-Heroes #1 review (Batman-News.com)
18-07-17 (22:22)   Guardians of the Galaxy, Legion, & Batman Headline Mondo's Comic-Con Exclusives (Comicbook.com)
18-07-17 (22:07)   Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion Review ? Different Sides (Vita) (PlayStation LifeStyle)
18-07-17 (15:38)   PlayStation Store Update ? Superhot, Fallen Legion, Orcs Must Die! Unchained (Gaming Age Online)
17-07-17 (19:27)   LEGION Star Aubrey Plaza Wants To Play This Character In The DC Extended Universe (Comic Book Movie)
17-07-17 (19:07)   Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire Review ? Triumphant Struggles (PS4) (PlayStation LifeStyle)
17-07-17 (01:10)   New Releases: Splatoon 2, Fallen Legion, Layton's Mystery Journey (GameSpot)
16-07-17 (06:22)   Legion Season 2 Premiere Script Partially Revealed (Comicbook.com)
14-07-17 (05:15)   Noah Hawley on Legion Emmy Snub: 'The Genre Itself is an Obstacle' (Comic Book Resources)
14-07-17 (05:06)   Noah Hawley on Legion Emmy Snub: 'The Genre Itself is an Obstacle' (CBR.com)
14-07-17 (00:27)   LEGION: Lenny & Oliver Find "Someplace Warm" In A Script Page From The Season 2 Premiere; Plus New BTS Photos (Comic Book Movie)
14-07-17 (00:02)   'Legion' Season 2 Lounges Around in Premiere Script Tease (ScreenCrush)

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